Ark Survival Evolved – Update 594.28 Patch Notes on July 22

Ark Survival Evolved – Update 594.28 Patch Notes on July 22

Studio Wildcard released a new Ark Survival Evolved hotfix update today. We have all information about this patch on July 21, 2020.

Ark Survival Evolved Server Update 549.28 is now available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. This is just a small hotfix patch that fixes some issues.


Ark Survival Evolved Update Patch Notes – July 21, 2020

  • PC: Client v312.52 – Server: v312.53
  • PS4: Client v549.12 — Server v549.28
  • Client v800.18 — Server v800.24


  • Fixed multiple mesh exploits
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed you to avoid cryosickness
  • End the Summer Bash event on Official Servers


Source: Survivetheark

Written by: Carizma

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  1. Annemarie Deysel July 24, 2020 | Reply

    Why can’t I get unofficial servers, I’m running a server know I can’t get on. Why they brake the game more that they fixing it. This is sad ark is a very nice game but due to this problems people loose interest in the game

  2. Vapaman July 23, 2020 | Reply

    23Gb poor baby, it is 29Gb on PS4 and the PS4 is a much better system.

  3. Steph July 23, 2020 | Reply

    Why cant I load onto an unofficial sever? . It brings up the character creation menu but kicks me before I can do anything I can load onto other servers but not the one I built on..I was uploading my character when ark kicked me to update.

  4. Faye July 23, 2020 | Reply

    Why does it take up 23 Gb on xbox if it’s just bug fixes

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