Black Ops 4 Update 1.25 Patch Notes on November 5

Black Ops 4 Update 1.25 Patch Notes on November 5

Treyarch has released today a new update for Call of Duty Black Ops 4. We have all the information about the update on November 5.

Black Ops 4 Patch 1.25 is now ready to download, you need to download and install 4.9 GB on PS4. Depending on the platform, the size of the download may be different. Below you will find the complete patch notes for this BO4 update.


Black Ops 4 Patch Notes 1.25

So far, there are no detailed patch notes, but there are still some info:

  • A new, regularly scheduled “Pick-a-Weapon Bribe” bundle available for 50 Reserve Cases that allows players to select the weapon of their choice (see details below).
  • A new rotating “Reserves Stack” that always displays an item from Reserves that you don’t currently own, which you can unlock by trading in 2 Reserve Cases.
  • Two new rotating “My Deals” slots that can be unlocked with Reserve Cases and will always showcase items you don’t currently own.
  • “Reserves Stack” and “My Deals” will refresh on a regular basis to reveal a new item, and will refresh instantly after the current item on display has been acquired.
  • Completing Contracts in any mode.
  • Earning Cases through the standard Reserve earn rate in Multiplayer and Blackout.
  • Unlocking Contraband Tiers after Tier 50.
  • Completing up to 2 Daily Tier Skips (includes the bonus Daily Tier Skip in Zombies) for additional Reserve Cases each day after Tier 50 has been reached.

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  1. Tuesday November 12, 2019 | Reply

    This is a tactic they used in Bo3, Infinite Warfare, Etc. and will continue to be used because Activision Intentionally Lessens a games Popularity via content to Bulster the Play Value of their most recent game I.E. taking out/ removing popular modes, Settings, 24/7 maps, and or lessening the player incentive with small but very unnecessary changes. Then Adding it to the Next game with some slight changes to make it seem New. They try but people notice that they “rip off” their own games most times.

  2. SILENTDEATHV November 12, 2019 | Reply

    My specter assassin outfit is missing the gold mask from my inventory plz fix

  3. Izanagi November 12, 2019 | Reply

    I’m still waiting on for by his “pick a weapon” bribe thing to come out or was that fake? Or do I need to build up my reserves to 50???

  4. Holdthesetillthen November 11, 2019 | Reply

    Going to have to bring duos back. Havent played since. And wont until its fixed. Completely dog sh**. Like your ol ladys snatch.

  5. Kris November 10, 2019 | Reply

    I’m done with this trash game until they bring back duos. NOBODY ASKED FOR ALCATRAZ DUOS. Sick of constant quads and solos without full squads and were forced to play with trash bag players. Fix your game. It’s horrible. You’re gonna lose players by getting rid of core modes that people actually play. NO ONE has played Alcatraz duos AT ALL because it HASNT BEEN in ROTATION . So don’t try the “we have statistics of other game modes” crap.

  6. Jai Lee Wolfe November 10, 2019 | Reply

    This game was once great and now it’s a fucking disaster yo…

  7. Jax November 10, 2019 | Reply

    Removing duos made me stop playing bo4 all together. If they dont add it back I will be HAPPY uninstalling the game. Why take away that and quads when they are the most popular? I want them to see that it wont spread their gamers but they’ll just lose them all together. Idiots

  8. Daniel November 9, 2019 | Reply

    Honestly might uninstall if normal duos doesn’t come back.

  9. Travis November 7, 2019 | Reply

    what happened to duos . Nobody wants these flash in the pan game modes keep the classics always . Come on now

  10. Dalton November 7, 2019 | Reply

    Why would you take quads down and put up a “moshpit” that rarely cycles to anything but heavy metal heroes??

  11. Ron November 6, 2019 | Reply

    My game is really slow now after update 1.25 loading in game the texture resolution in game everything startup menu.Like everygame i try to load into it takes forever i dont make it to the pregame lobby i go straight to the chopper jump out because the loading takes long.Also bring back quads regular noone likes these stupid modes they are wack

  12. Keith November 6, 2019 | Reply

    U mo fos Neva happy lol

  13. Bird November 6, 2019 | Reply

    Were are my QUADS?

    • jacek b November 7, 2019 | Reply

      Wtf is quads?! Quads this, quads that, no clue what you guys are even talking about at all…

      • Justin November 9, 2019 | Reply

        Its a blackout gamemode. Its just squads. A 4 player battle royale.

  14. Scott November 6, 2019 | Reply

    No, quads = STUPID!! No Battle Royals in MW = STUPID!!

  15. James Owen November 6, 2019 | Reply

    for me removing quads was a deliberate tactic to get more players on MW. I have MW, to me on the multi player side of things its broken and very disappointing , whereas the campaign thus far is very good.

  16. Matt November 6, 2019 | Reply

    Why the hell did u guys get rid of regular quads ? Always doing dumb shit the community never asked for !! Why?

  17. Sutil November 5, 2019 | Reply

    Why take out the most popular game mode. Trying to force people to play other modes. F*** that. Might as well play MW. F*** this update!!!!!

  18. Caleb November 5, 2019 | Reply

    Actually alcatraz is the most played map mate not quads

  19. R.D nutz November 5, 2019 | Reply

    Why not have some custom mutation on zombies ffs lol. Will be alot easier for solo Easter egg hunters for crying out loud .

  20. EBK November 5, 2019 | Reply

    If you don’t put quads back in I’m going to shave Uranus

  21. Shane Cooper November 5, 2019 | Reply

    Dont understand about the creates its all the same all whats diffrent is quads that they took out witch its bad worse update they brougjt out

  22. Daniel November 5, 2019 | Reply

    Did they buff the echo hawk and AN94 yet? Sure doesn’t seem like it, garbage guns so far.

  23. NICYSTHEGOATBITCH November 5, 2019 | Reply

    You guys are being crybabies like fr. You know they are gonna change ot back in what 2weeks? Get your panties out of your asses “im done with this bs” like what go fucking play mario carts maybe more your speed you fuck.

  24. Sylverbuck28 November 5, 2019 | Reply

    Why take out the only game mode me and my friends play? Why force other players to play less popular game modes? From all the game modes why take out regular quads? Pls… just let us have the option of playing regular quads!

  25. Mike tyson November 5, 2019 | Reply

    İ dont understand what you mean with the regular quads?

  26. Gary November 5, 2019 | Reply

    It’s nice to see an actual way of earning weapons now. To bad I’m already playing modern warfare so I don’t really care to play 12 hours to get the cases or the weapons. I do like that they are making changes, and I still do play bo4 just not enough to take advantage. I don’t know what my point is but I’d bet a lot of people feel the same

  27. Jackson November 5, 2019 | Reply

    What the heck…why take away regular Quads away? Really? I’m done with this BS

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