Borderlands 3: E3 Gameplay Demo Convince Journalists

Borderlands 3: E3 Gameplay Demo Convince Journalists

The playable Borderlands 3 version has caused a lot of positive criticism at the E3 2019. Journalists are excited about what’s so great about the gameplay demo of the new shooter.

Actually, Borderlands 3 was not a big topic at the E3 2019. The big Reveal was available with its own Anspiel-Event in May. Gearbox did not have much to show at E, just a nice new trailer, new infos about weapons and a little bit gameplay.

During the press conferences, Borderlands 3 was rather quiet. Games like Watch Dogs 3 or Cyberpunk 2077 dominated the show.

But that’s changing now when people really could play the loot shooter at the booths.


BORDERLANDS 3 Gameplay Preview

Written by: Carizma

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