Borderlands 3 Update Patch Notes dated 23 January 2020

Borderlands 3 Update Patch Notes dated 23 January 2020

2K and Gearbox have released a new Borderlands 3 update! The update only fixes some small bugs in the game, there is no new content.

The Borderlands 3 update from January 23rd is a server update, you don’t need to download a patch. To activate the new hotfixes you have to wait in the main menu until the corresponding message appears.


Borderlands 3 Server Update Patch Notes

  • Updated a texture for the Incendiary Badass and Super Badass Varkid
  • Adjusted the chest rewards at the end of the Proving Grounds to be more rewarding at all tiers of completion

With more players running the Proving Grounds for dedicated loot drops from the bosses, we noticed the chests not rewarding players as much as we intended. We’ve boosted these chests to reflect the effort players must take to complete the objectives. Completing all of the objectives gives the best Legendary drop rate and scales down accordingly.

  • Increased bonus radiation damage while Gamma Burst is active from 65% to 115%

We’re happy to see the response to the boosted Anointment bonuses we released last week. After additional testing, we want to also boost the effects of Gamma Burst anointments for FL4K.

  • Addressed a perceived progression blocker that could occur when the player travels to another map and back to Sanctuary after releasing Tannis during the mission “Sanctuary”
  • Addressed a perceived progression blocker where players could not speak to Brick during the mission “Hammerlocked” in The Anvil
  • Addressed a perceived progression blocker where Ember would sometimes not appear to assist the players in various mission steps


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