Bus Simulator 21 is Coming for Consoles and PC – Teaser Trailer

Bus Simulator 21 is Coming for Consoles and PC – Teaser Trailer

Astragon Entertainment and Stillalive Studios announced the new Bus Simulator 21. It is scheduled to hit the market for PS4, Xbox One and PC during the year 2021 and the new next-gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X will be supported as well.

Bus Simulator 21 will have a large selection of officially licensed and lovingly reproduced bus models from manufacturers such as Alexander Dennis and as well many other brands which are known worldwide, including various engine types.

Here a Overview from what you can expect in Bus Simulator 21

  • Two large game environments inspired by the US and Europe with an even more generous open world setting, inviting players to freely explore their surroundings
  • Drive your bus solo or get together with friends in a cooperative multiplayer mode
  • Several levels of difficulty and game modes for different types of players
  • Enhanced management options: detailed drafting of timetables, the possibility to visit different bus dealerships spread out across the map, route planning in consideration of passenger volume and different peak times
  • Reworked traffic and pedestrian AI, dynamic weather changes and day-night-cycle
  • Freely usable comfort features such as fast travel directly on the map, fast-forwarding time and taking over buses from AI drivers mean less time spent in menus and more time on the street – if so desired by the player


So far it sounds like a thoughtful game and it will have some other features include various random events and side tasks, a sandbox mode in which you can develop completely freely, and other content that will be presented later.

Bus Simulator 21 – Teaser Trailer

Source: Offical Site

Written by: Tom Binsack

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