Call of Duty Black Ops 4 will they return a popular specialist?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 will they return a popular specialist?

The selection of specialists will soon be extended at Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Fans suspect the return of a fan favorite from the predecessor.

What was announced? Recently, Treyarch’s developers posted a teaser clip on Twitter pointing to the return of a popular character from the Black Ops series.

The teaser is just three seconds long, showing a fighter barking through dense jungles. The video is accompanied by the words “On Target”, meaning “in the middle of the goal”.

Although the face of the fighter is not visible, but the fans agree that it is very likely to be Outrider – a popular female specialist from Black Ops 3.

Outrider was notorious in Black Ops 3 for their special weapon, the Sparrow bow.

This composite bow shoots arrows whose range increases with increasing arc tension. In addition, the arrows explode shortly after the impact.

In addition, Outrider still had the ability visual pulse. This is a kind of ping sent out that makes enemies visible within range of the impulse – also through walls and on the minimap.

Therefore, many fans are happy about their possible return: Outrider was one of the most popular specialists in Black Ops 3. Because the arrows of her bow kill the opponents with only one hit. In addition, the impulse simplifies the hunt for the opponents and generally allows a good overview of the enemy’s movements.

When will Outrider be introduced? Treyarch did not provide an exact date. But already on the 19th of February (on the PS4) the next season at Black Ops 4 will begin with Operation Grand Heist.

Numerous fans believe that Outrider could be introduced as part of the new seasonal content – similar to Zero’s Operation Absolute Zero.

Would you look forward to play Outrider? Was it also your favourite specialist in the past? Use the comments below!

Check out the trailer:

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