CoD Black Ops 4 Update Patch Notes on December 17

CoD Black Ops 4 Update Patch Notes on December 17

Activision and Treyarch have released a new update for Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Below are the full patch notes for this update.

The new Black Ops 4 update is a pure server update (so it is not BO4 Patch 1.26), you do not have to download a patch. There are some updates to Infected Mode and Holiday Quad Feed Starts Friday.


Black Ops 4 Update on December 17

2XP Infected: Final Stand in Multiplayer

The undead have taken over this week’s 2XP Featured Playlist with Infected: Final Stand! If you haven’t played this Black Ops 4-exclusive twist on the classic party game, here’s a quick primer:

  • Teams alternate between survivors and zombies each round.

  • Zombies have limited lives and win by eliminating all survivors within the time limit.

  • Survivors win by eliminating all Zombies or surviving until the end of the round.

  • Survivors choose from pre-set classes, have only one life, and can be revived by teammates.

  • The first team to four wins the match!

Have fun stalking your prey all week long, and watch for the arrival of 2XP Half-Off Heist next week.


Pick-a-Weapon Bribe Fix

Last week’s update lifted the time limit on the Pick-a-Weapon Bribe in the Black Market, allowing players to unlock as many Bribes as they’d like for 50 Reserve Cases a piece. As of yesterday, we’ve fixed a bug affecting a small subset of players that prevented them from acquiring additional Pick-a-Weapon Bribes. If you experienced this issue last week, please restart your game, visit the Black Market, and all should be well.


Holiday Quad Feed + Tungsten Tripler Starts Friday

The holidays are nearly upon us and we’re wrapping up 2019 with a bang! Starting Friday through 10AM January 2nd, we’re kicking off a new two-week Holiday Quad Feed in Black Ops 4, including:

  • 2XP in Multiplayer, Zombies, and League Play

  • 2X Weapon XP in Multiplayer, Zombies, and League Play

  • 2X Merits in Blackout

  • 2X Nebulium Plasma in Zombies

  • Tungsten Tripler offer in the Zombies Laboratory

Happy holidays from all of us at Treyarch! Here’s what’s new since our last update:


All Platforms


  • Black Market

    • Pick-a-Weapon Bribe

      • Addressed an issue that prevented a small number of players from being able to acquire more than one Pick-a-Weapon Bribe.



  • Featured Playlists

    • PS4/Xbox One

      • Infected: Final Stand (2XP)

      • Nuketown

      • Barebones Moshpit

      • Bolt-Action Barebones Moshpit

      • Mercenary Deathmatch Moshpit

    • PC

      • Infected: Final Stand (2XP)

      • Nuketown

      • Barebones Moshpit



  • Featured Playlists

    • PS4/Xbox One

      • Hot & Heavy

      • Alcatraz Portal Quads

      • Quads

      • Duos

      • Solo

    • PC

      • Alcatraz Portal Quads

      • Hot & Heavy Moshpit

      • Quads



  • Featured Playlist

    • IX


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