CoD Vanguard Patch Notes 1.011 – Fixed Achievement and more

CoD Vanguard Patch Notes 1.011 – Fixed Achievement and more

Today there is a surprising new patch for Call of Duty Vanguard. Sledgehammer Games fixes some bugs, most notably the “Ticket Please” trophy is fixed.

The CoD Vanguard Update 1.011 or just 1.11 can now be downloaded. In addition to the now improved trophy, there are other adjustments and bug fixes in the game, for the multiplayer mode and the campaign.


Call of Duty Vanguard Update 1.011



  • On Xbox, improvements have been made to reduce instances of crashing when loading into a match from Quick Play, Feature Playlists, and Private Matches

Bug Fixes

  • On Xbox, a bug was fixed that resulted in controller settings switching to Mouse and Keyboard after a controller disconnect
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in the game sometimes crashing during the MVP voting sequence
  • Fixed an issue in which nameplates would occasionally not display on enemies


Bug Fixes

  • The achievement “Ticket Please” can now be unlocked
  • In Stalingrad, players will no longer get caught in a death loop if they take too long to get the sewer
  • Fixed a bug in Operation Tonga that would sometimes result in a freeze and crash when shooting an enemy in the field
  • Fixed a progression blocker in which Misha would become unresponsive 


Source: Sledgehammer Games

Written by: Carizma

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