Darksiders 3: Patch Notes for the upcoming update revealed

Darksiders 3: Patch Notes for the upcoming update revealed

Recently, the action adventure “Darksiders 3” for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the PC appeared in the global trade and rarely there were such split opinions from the critics. While some had a very positive impression of the latest adventure of an apocalyptic rider, the others were extremely dissatisfied. However, the critics were in one point agreed: “Darksiders 3” has technical problems.

The developers of Gunfire Games want to quickly get this situation under control, which is why they are already working hard on the first post-launch update. The PC version has already received a beta update via Steam, with which the developers want to test some changes.

Patch Notes – Beta Update #1 (previously only PC)


  • Multiple improvements to help performance and loading. Performance improvements should also significantly reduce stuttering in high-density areas.
  • Updated Story mode to be more forgiving.
  • Adjusted invulnerability windows across all difficulties. The windows are consistent on Balanced, Challenging and Apocalyptic and even more significant on easy.
  • Modified hit indicators for better readability.
  • Added version number on the main menu.


  • Added FOV scaling to keep correct FOV on 21:9 monitors.
  • Fixed various crash issues.
  • Added Force Respawn functionality. This option is available in the game options menu. It will kill Fury and return her to the last Vulgrim Waypoint that you visited. This option is a last resort to be used if you think you are stuck in an area for whatever reason.
  • Added functionality on Force respawn that will force the hollows to re-equip to Fury. This is for the issue where Fury’s hollow abilities appear to have stopped working.
  • Fix for issue where Force blocks were getting stuck in Scar. If you have encountered this issue, it should destroy the stuck block, and if you come back to the area, it will reload the block in the correct starting area.
  • Fix for issue where certain stacked breakables wouldn’t break in Bonelands.
  • Fix for issue that would break Gluttony fight. Fix should also fix saves that had this issue.
  • Fixed multiple issues where players can get Fury into unintended locations or unintended locations without expected Hollows (in some cases Force Respawn may need to be used).
  • Reduced Fafnir enhancement’s damage output.
  • Increased Havoc Generation on Obscurus Enhancement
  • Increased Health and Damage amounts on Fortifier Enhancement


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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  1. Richard Robinson March 23, 2019 | Reply

    I absolutely loved Darksiders 3. Any chance the game will get a new game plus mode?

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