Dauntless: Patch Notes 1.05 – Update 0.8.3 Released

Dauntless: Patch Notes 1.05 – Update 0.8.3 Released

Epic Games has released Update OB 0.8.3 for Dauntless, we have the full patch notes for this update, for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Dauntless Client patch 1.05 (PS4) is now ready for download. You need to download and install 1.5 Gb on PS4. Below you will find the complete patch notes.


Dauntless Patch Notes 1.05 – Update 0.8.3

  • Streaming install. Added streaming install to Dauntless on console so that players can start slaying sooner.
  • Improved weapon previews. Added new weapon preview animations that make it easier to see the weapon you’ve selected. Check them out in the store, Loadout, and Hunt Pass screens.
  • Winterhorn Skraev. Winterhorn Skraev has returned to the Shattered Isles with a new look – and some deadly new moves. Queue up for a hunt and let us know how the fight feels! Shrike has also undergone some visual improvements to make it look even more handsome.
  • Weapon demo videos. Kat now offers a video tutorial for each of the weapons available in Dauntless. Be sure to stop by and watch a few. She’s sure to appreciate the studiousness.
  • Terra elemental effect. Slayers using Terra weapons will now be able to inflict an elemental status effect on Behemoths which will spawn Terra orbs that seek out and heal injured Slayers who are doing damage to the Behemoth.


  • Fixed a bug where users could use the Godhand special indefinitely, or get indefinitely stuck when aiming the war pike Concussive Payload attack.
  • Decreased the likelihood of the in-game store getting stuck in an eternal load cycle.
  • Added a way for players to see what Creator they have selected for Support-A-Creator.
  • Fixed a bug where the jump landing animation could play repeatedly.
  • Reformatted numbers in Mastery objectives to make them more readable. Example: Five million would be represented as “5M” instead of “5,000,000.”
  • Added a new model to the Sylvan Barrel to distinguish it from the other weapon barrels.
  • Fixed a bug where Slayers could lose focus on the quest log when switching between mouse and controller input (PC).
  • Improved the description on the “Boost – Patrol Chest Loot” item and added an indicator to the UI to show Slayers when the boost is active.
  • Fixed a bug where Slayers’ ears could clip through the Savant’s Hood.
  • Ace chip costs for cell “speed up” purchases should now display correctly. Also improved some of the Middleman’s UI flow.
  • Fixed a bug where the Skullforge’s blaze VFX would show even if the helmet was hidden.
  • The Stealthwork Mask will now display the correct set of default dyes.
  • Stormclaw lightning curse has new VFX. Good bye, sweet cloud.
  • Added a slight offset to gear tooltips to prevent them from blocking other options.
  • Did a polish pass on frost VFX.
  • Fixed a bug where Death’s Head and Sky Anchor sigils were not appearing in the banner customization menu.
  • Improved performance in Ramsgate.
  • Improved deflection for players running directly into a wall or Behemoth. This will make it easier to crash into one and continue moving naturally. (Previously, running into a wall or Behemoth could cause a Slayer to drastically change direction/momentum.)
  • Fixed some typos and cleaned up some confusing quest text. Yes, that includes the blaze weapon reference in the “Green light” quest.
  • Items that you transmog to will now display their default dyes instead of the dyes from the base item.
  • Added party member icons to the compass. This should make it easier to locate your friends when you’re in the city or a hunt.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some reward names to display a placeholder name. Rest in peace, Really Long Item Name.
  • Hammer swings and war pike piercing attacks can now sever tails and tusks.
  • Replaced Glacial Prism’s placeholder text with the correct in-game text.
  • Reorganized the quest log so that Challenges appear before Quests. This should help prevent long-term quests from dominating the log.
  • Removed an unusable placeholder emote (“End of Hunt”) from the emote menu.
  • Cleaned up the way elemental resistances were displayed in the airship lobby. Slayers will now see a single strength and a single weakness for the Behemoth they’re hunting.
  • Fixed a bug where banner plants could play audio and visual effects that were out of sync with their animations.
  • Cleaned up and improved terra SFX.
  • Fixed a bug where some interactions would fill up the interaction circle, but wouldn’t complete the interaction.
  • Improved performance on VFX.
  • Fixed a bug where Skarn’s vortex could one-hit-kill players using anti-stagger cells and abilities.
  • Healing grenades will no longer attach themselves to Slayers with full health.
  • Fixed a bug where the revive indicator could display the wrong interaction button.
  • Improved Embermane’s animation transitions. They should be much smoother.
  • Fixed a bug where Boreus could appear to slide across the ground instead of walking.
  • Jumping hammer blasts will now correctly consume ammo.
  • Fixed a bug where Slayers could get stuck in the axe’s heavy attack charge if they ran out of stamina.
  • Fixed a bug where Mastery rewards weren’t marked as complete until the Slayer completed the following Mastery level.
  • The hammer will now correctly consume all ammo when using the Concussive Salvo for the first time.
  • Slayers can now cancel interactions (e.g. using an aether vent, reviving another player) by dodging.
  • Sword Repeating Elements, war pike Piercing Flurry, and chain blades Blade Spin can no longer get in a stuck state when the user has run out of stamina using them
  • Improved performance on Valomyr.
  • Moved the Disband Guild button out of the social context menu. It now lives at the bottom of the Guilds tab. This should reduce the likelihood of accidental guild disbandments.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a delay between opening a core and seeing the Open/Close buttons.
  • Fixed a bug where players could get reset to the airship drop zone after falling off an island.
  • Fixed a bug that could trigger a weird audio effect when transitioning from the city to the airship lobby.
  • Improved performance on Scorchstone Hellion.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed pylon bonuses to stack.
  • On the account linking screen, the “continue without linking” option now only appears after a brief delay. This will give players more time to process the message about this being a permanent choice.
  • Added a progression data check to the player load sequence so that Slayers don’t spawn into Ramsgate with missing quests or an empty hunt board.
  • Fixed a bug where some players were unable to retrieve their axe after using the Grim Onslaught special.
  • Fixed a bug where Molten Edict could fail to create its lava ball.
  • New water ripple VFX will appear when Slayers move through water. I’m swimming!
  • Improved performance on hunts.
  • Fixed a bug where slaying Heroic Scorchstone Hellion would not count towards “The Farslayer’s Apprentice” quest.
  • Equipping a cell now plays a cool new confirmation sound.
  • Polished Gnasher, Pangar, and Hellion locomotion and transition animations to eliminate any hitches between their movement and attacks.
  • Increased gatherable interaction range so that Slayers can collect gatherables from 25% further away. Long, long aaaaaarms.
  • Fixed a bug where Riftstalker weapons/prism could go above the stack limit when doing large amounts of damage.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Slayers with the feminine body type to hold some weapons incorrectly in the Loadout screen.
  • Fixed a bug where social UI (e.g. chat) could open on top of cinematics.
  • Added a loading animation to the “Help, I’m Stuck!” menu so that players know it’s working.
  • Fixed a bug where dyes wouldn’t properly save when transitioning between an island and the city.
  • Fixed a bug where players could encounter a very dark Ramsgate when loading into or closing out of a menu.
  • Fixed a bug where self-revive restrictions weren’t working some of the time.
  • Fixed a bug where, after changing cells, the most recently-equipped cell wouldn’t appear in the list of possible cells until swapping it a second time.
  • Fixed a bug where the End of Hunt screen might not show any break parts or rewards.
  • Fixed a bug where Transfusion Grenades weren’t appearing in the crafting menu.
  • Corrected war pike aiming (it was slightly offset).
  • Fixed a bug where players could accidentally purchase cells with platinum when they tried to spend aetherdust or vice versa.
  • The sword’s Ardent Cyclone’s finisher attack can now interrupt Behemoths.
  • Fixed clipping issues on a handful of cosmetic armours.
  • Slayers will now receive a confirmation check (“Are you sure?”) when resetting their controls. This should prevent accidental resets.
  • Adjusted the positioning of the aether shield and stamina shield on the Player Health HUD so that they aren’t cut off.
  • Fixed a bug where the End of Hunt screen could become unresponsive if the emote wheel was open at the end of a hunt.
  • Fixed a bug where PlayStation Network friends might not show up on the friends list in some circumstances.
  • Fixed some bugs that cropped up when switching profiles in-game (on PlayStation and Xbox).
  • Fixed a bug where users would occasionally be unable to interact with objects or revive other Slayers.


  • Cunning’s critical chance has been reduced to 2/3/4/5/7.5/10% (from 2/4/6/9/12/15%).
  • Cunning now gains +10/20/30% critical strike damage at ranks 4/5/6
  • Critical strike base damage increase has been reduced to 150% (from 200%).
  • Reduced total health on Valomyr’s tail part.
  • Tuned Valomyr’s teleport range to reduce cases of extreme teleportation when fleeing.
  • Boreus Tuning:
    • Boreus now becomes more aggressive while below 50% health
    • Boreus’ immunity now triggers at the end of the shield activation animation rather than at the start
    • Boreus can now summon a few minions while out of shield phase
    • Reduced the maximum number of times Boreus can enter the shielded phase
    • Dreadfrost Boreus’ minions deal more damage and have increased attack speed
    • Slightly increased the upper limit of Spitters that Dreadfrost Boreus can summon
    • Slightly increased the cooldown on Dreadfrost Boreus’ minion summons
  • Kharabak can now perform personality animations during its rage state.
  • Reduced the maximum distance that Valomyr can teleport away from players while in combat.
  • Disabled controller camera lock on Koshai during burrow attacks.
  • Shocked status will now clear when a player deals damage to a Behemoth.
  • Reduced quill health on Deadeye Quillshot.
  • Did a VFX update pass on Skarn’s rock flinging and recall attacks.
  • Removed damage done to players when Rezakiri flees.
  • Increased hang time for Grim Onslaught throws and catching the axe will now grant special meter.
  • Reduced number of mines and increased damage per mine on Skraev weapons.

Written by: Carizma

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