Dauntless Patch Notes 1.22 – Update on February 11th

Dauntless Patch Notes 1.22 – Update on February 11th

The responsible developers at Dauntless today released Update 1.1.4. Below you will find the complete patch notes for this Update on February 11th.

The Dauntless Update 1.22 is now available for download. You have to download around 468 MB on Playstation 4. With the update there is new content, gameplay adjustments, bug fixes and a lot more.


Dauntless Update 1.1.4 Patch Notes 1.22


  • Return of the leaderboards. Sword’s Avenging Overdrive special no longer grants infinite attack speed. Trials leaderboards will be re-enabled after this patch deploys.
  • Hover with confidence. Selecting a hunt is no longer overridden by hovering another hunt. This particularly frustrating bug was causing Slayers to head out on hunts other than the one they had intended.
  • Hammer boops are back. Hammer’s Concussive Salvo (alternate fire) blast wasn’t correctly applying damage and interrupts. Now it does!
  • No more forever shooting. Opening UI screens (e.g. chat) while in attack/special no longer locks you into attacks or specials indefinitely.
  • Hunt resistances fixed. On patrols, the airship no longer shows elemental resistances for the incorrect element.
  • Skarn prism fixed. Stoneheart Prism (repeater part) power has been restored. It will now count correctly toward power totals, instead of remaining at zero.
  • Hero’s Call fixed. Hero’s Call amp now activates correctly.
  • Tactician’s Magazine fixed. Tactician’s Magazine mod now correctly applies the 4-second cooldown reduction.


  • Fixed sorting on eye colour and hair tint selection.
  • Malkarion banner standard’s name now displays correctly as “Malevolent Flagstaff.”
  • Feminine Hexagonal Crash aetherpunk leg armour has improved VFX and model.
  • Feminine Master’s Tunic armour transmog is no longer missing tattoos.
  • Masculine Master’s Tunic armour transmog no longer has incorrect skin tones.
  • Hexagonal Crash aetherpunk leg armour no longer loses its VFX during hunts.
  • Master’s Helm now displays correctly on Nintendo Switch.
  • Players can now claim the Malkarion armour transmog from Escalation talent tree.
  • Crafting Malkarion equipment at +10 no longer temporarily shows it as +1 in the crafting menu.
  • The lower half of the Admiral Zai’s repeater crafting menu is clickable again.
  • Fixed various text and localization errors.
  • Eliminated some rare crashes and disconnects.


  • Reduced CPU usage for the Fiery Helm (Embermane helm).
  • Improved general performance on consoles, and specifically during hunts on Nintendo Switch.
  • Decreased CPU usage for Shrowd and Riftstalker clones.
  • Optimized game servers.

Written by: Carizma

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