DayZ Patch Notes 1.07 – New Update on December 3

DayZ Patch Notes 1.07 – New Update on December 3

Bohemia Interactive today released Update 1.07 for DayZ and we have the full changelog.

DayZ Update 1.07 is now ready for download, for all affected platforms. All in all you need to download 9.2 GB on the PS4. The version number 1.07 comes from the PS4 version, depending on the platform, the version number of the client patch may differ.

With today’s update, the first DLC Livonia will be available.


DayZ Update 1.07 Patch Notes

  • The Bears, new kings of the forest, have started to roam Chernarus and Livonia.
  • Fishing is the new way to relax, catch junk, and occasionally some fish.
  • The Vaiga, Blaze, Kolt 1911, and BK-43 are now available to diversify your arsenal.
  • If you want a green Ada or a black Gunter 2, it’s in store.
  • Xbox and PS4 players can now use their mouse and keyboard on the servers identified as supporting them (the gamepad is always available on all servers).


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Written by: Carizma

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  1. Sqwizzey January 29, 2020 | Reply

    Please fix the Xbox server economy before rolling out new content. Due to exploiters on Xbox it is literally impossible to find any high-tier weapon such as M4A1, AK, Tundra, or other sought for guns. They don’t spawn anymore due to exploiters ruining the economy.

  2. Scott December 5, 2019 | Reply

    quite possibly the worst update yet. just lost 3 hours worth by simply logging out. all items i had gathered dissapeared and it reverted to where i was when i first logged in. No chance im paying for a shit dlc either unless theres a reason to come back to this game.

  3. Rando December 3, 2019 | Reply

    I understand why everyone’s mad with y’all releasing a dlc before even fully fixing the game or at the very best most of the glitches so please do this before releasing another dlc

  4. John Cena December 3, 2019 | Reply

    Look I understand you’re trying but there are a lot of aspects you’re missing, listen to your community, incorporate what they are saying is wrong fix the main issues like de syncing and glitched items in storage. Every single time to have a patch or update you add something and mess up other things, do you not even have someone test or play your game on all consoles/PC before releasing something? Or is it worth the lost customers and loyal gamers to release broken crap to them and get nothing but shear disappointment?

  5. Why make a DLC and have us pay for garbage? I already paid for this garbage game and now I have to pay more for shit? And what is the point of an update when all it does is ruin everything else in the game? Go back to school and learn how to actually develope games. Looks at other developers and get pointers and maybe some help from them. Or shit in your hand and sell it to the masses as “DayZ Standalone”. Useless…

  6. Shit Game Reviewer December 3, 2019 | Reply

    Fix your game. Please. Do not release a DLC that we have to pay for when your game doesn’t even work for 20mins. Jesus H. Christ.

  7. Dissappointed Customer December 3, 2019 | Reply

    Do not buy this game or any DLC. Wait until they fix the original piece of crap first. Everyone should boycot this game and these developers until they learn how to make a functional, playable game. Until then. FUCK YOU. Your game is trash.

    • Tony January 28, 2020 | Reply

      I really can’t believe I paid 60 dollars for a glitchy, boring game just to watch greedy publishers release paid dlcs while the game is barely worth the space it occupies. Shame. I want a refund.

  8. don December 3, 2019 | Reply

    really I just got this game now I have to pay for a DLC for this buggy ass game!

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