Death’s Door Update on July 26 – Save files Bug Fixes

Death’s Door Update on July 26 – Save files Bug Fixes

A new update for Death’s Door has arrived! We’ll have the full list of all the adjustments on July 26th, 2021.

The new Death’s Door update is now available and can be downloaded – Steam Build 7088489. The file size is unknown to us. Saved data are now automatically backed up, you can find them in the same folder as the safe files. Otherwise there are a few more improvements, just take a look at the list.


Death’s Door Patch Notes on July 26

  • Save files now save backups each time a successful save occurs. These are in the same folder as other saves. If anyone has issues with corrupted save files they can now use a backup by renaming them.
  • Fixed issue in one log file in Japanese which repeated a line over and over.
  • Final boss fight now forces save spots in the scene to stop the issue that some people had of being re-spawned at an out-of-bounds door.
  • Added more logging around controller information.
  • Fixed some minor spelling errors.
  • Fixed purchasing upgrades not saving under certain conditions.
  • Some world/collision issues fixed.


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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