Destiny 2: Bungie gives you bonuses when you triumph in Forsaken

Destiny 2: Bungie gives you bonuses when you triumph in Forsaken

Destiny 2 has a new reward system: The Bungie Awards. Those who reach certain goals in Forsaken will receive rewards from the Bungie Store.

What are the Bungie bonuses? At the start of Forsaken, community manager Cozmo introduced a new rewards program built around the new extension that connects to the Bungie store.

According to Cozmo, with these “Bungie Rewards” you should be able to dust off your real-life loot for your in-game triumphs, which you can use to celebrate, remember and state.

What bungie premium can I get now – and how? Don’t miss the Destiny 2 bonuses

The First Bungie Award: To win the first reward, you must complete the Forsaken campaign by the end of September 2018. That’s the requirement you have to meet right in the game. You have until 30.9. at 16:59 for the time.

What else do I have to do? In order to receive the bonus, you must register in advance with the reward program and verify your email address there. This will make you a Bungie Reward on the official Bungie page (link opens new page). Log in to and agree to the notification policy – if you wish. If you have problems, you will also be helped in the top link.

And what is the first bonus? If you complete the campaign on time, you will receive a free original Destiny 2: Forsaken soundtrack and two “Wisp of the Worm” bonus tracks as a digital download. The bonus tracks are only available through this Bungie bonus. The soundtrack, which includes 110 minutes of music, costs $ 10 at the Bungie Store in an enhanced version (190 minutes).

What other Bungie bonuses will there be?

So far, only the reward of the first Bungie reward task is known. According to Cozmo, more will be released during the season and include “collector items”.

The requirements for further Bungie premiums are already visible:

  • Get the ace of spades.
  • Win Matches of Fame Rank while you are ranked Legendary in Season 4.
  • Complete all Lore triumphs.
  • Complete all destination triumphs.
  • Complete all Dreaming City triumphs.
  • Complete all gambit triumphs.
  • Complete all Valor and Glory Rank triumphs.
  • There is also a classified task.

By the way, if you buy anything at the Bungie Store, you’ll receive the “Make Dreams” badge by the 28th of November.

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