Destiny 2 finally fixes coveted achievement, but …

Destiny 2 finally fixes coveted achievement, but …

At Destiny 2, a coveted raid achievement will soon be fixed, but unlike many have wished for.

What happened? Next Tuesday, January 29th, Destiny 2 gets a massive update. In addition to sandbox changes in weapons and super is also a fix on board, on which many Raid enthusiasts and title hunters have long been waiting.

As the developers in the current issue of “This Week at Bungie” explained, the bent Raid triumph “Like a diamond” is finally fixed. Thus, the success should finally be recognized by the game with appropriate performance.

What is this a triumph? The Triumph “Diamond Equal” is found under the seal of the Black Armory and is awarded to particularly ambitious Raiders. To unlock this success, the Raid team must complete the new Raid “Scourge of the Past” from the first premium DLC “The Black Armory” on immaculate. That means nobody is allowed to die.

What was the problem with “Like a diamond“? No matter how much the Guardians tried, this triumph has always been denied on a flawless run and has not been properly recognized. Numerous teams have accomplished this feat, sometimes even several times, only to find that a bug spoils their success.

However, “Like a diamond” is also crucial for the new title Blacksmith. Because of this error could not claim title hunters the new title of the Black Armory for themselves. Now this erroneous raid success is finally fixed, but different than many fans have wished for.

What did the fans want? Many guardians have been pleased with this message. But after it became known that the annoying bug will soon be fixed at “Like a diamond”, the numerous fans wondered: Is this success credited retroactively, if one has already accomplished this achievement?

After all, that is anything but a walk. Most of those who have already completed the new raid on immaculate wish that this performance be considered retrospectively.

But then followed quickly the disillusionment. As communal manager Cozmo23 has stated on Reddit, the bug in “Like a diamond” triumph will be fixed with update 2.1.4, but success is not counted for flawless raid completions that took place prior to this update.

In plain language this means: Who wants the success, must do the whole thing again. And that’s exactly what annoys many raiders who have already made it. Many do not understand the problem. Finally, even with some third-party sites that use Bungie’s in-house API, it appears that a flawless run has been made – even though in-game ingame is denied.

What does Bungie say about the desire of the fans? The excitement did not get past Bungie either. Cozmo noted in addition that the team is currently examining whether, if necessary, in a later update, this success can be recognized retroactively.

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