Destiny 2 Patch 2.33 Released – Update Changelog

Destiny 2 Patch 2.33 Released – Update Changelog

We had already announced that the Destiny 2 servers are offline today, maintenance work will be carried out. Now there is an update, Bungie has released the patch for update

The new Destiny 2 Update 2.33 / 1.028 can now be downloaded and installed. The file size is 212 MB on the PS4 and 241 MB on the PS5, depending on the platform.

  • PS4 2.33 – 212 MB
  • PS5 1.028 – 241 MB


Destiny 2 Patch Notes 2.33 /



  • Changed how Mini Screebs from the Festering Rupture modifier are networked to give a more consistent experience. 
  • This should prevent mini-screebs from burrowing into the ground and ending otherwise perfect Nightfall runs. 



  • Trials of Osiris (and other matchmade activities) should no longer trigger Baboon errors if players quit between rounds or during a hard wipe.  





  • Updated the description of the “Pinnacle” Seasonal Challenge to better direct players to Pinnacle-tiered rewards 





  • Fixed some issues with Telesto
    • Editor’s Note: Restart the clock 
  • No longer attaches to allies, will instead impact and detonate 
  • Bolts can no longer be shot and destroyed 
  • Reduce the bolt lifetime from 10 seconds to ~5 seconds when spawned on the environment (proximity to enemies still detonates) 





  • Fixed an issue that allowed allied players to be damaged and frozen by Diamond Lance. 
  • Fixed an issue where more Sentinel Shield super energy was being drained by Scorn sniper attacks than intended.  


Source: Bungie

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