Destiny 2: Solve a Murder case – Festival of the Lost

Destiny 2: Solve a Murder case – Festival of the Lost

After taking a year off, Destiny’s Festival of the Lost event is finally coming to Destiny 2. On the 16th of October the party will return. First details are expected next week. Now you already know: Players should solve a murder case.


Festival of the lost returns

When does the event start? The Festival of the Lost starts on October 16th. How long the event will last, is not yet known. Bungie has announced a revelation of the festival and its contents for next week.

What do you know about the festival? Bungie keeps herself covered for the event so far. The Roadmap for Year 2 simply states that the Festival of the Lost is to return with a twist.

In the last TWaB, it was revealed that this year’s event will be held as a solemn celebration in honor of the fallen heroes. In addition, there will be a costume party and a quest to solve a murder case.

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