Destiny 2 Update 2.20 Released – Patch Notes on May 18

Destiny 2 Update 2.20 Released – Patch Notes on May 18

There is the promised update for Destiny 2! Bungie has now released the update and we will have all the information about this patch on May 18th. 2021.

Destiny 2 Update 2.20 is now available for download for all platforms. The file size depends on the platform, on the PS4 you only have to download a few MB, it was so fast, we didn’t see it..


Destiny Patch Notes 2.20



  • Removed Vex Oracles and a Minotaur which were spawned at the end of the Kingship Dock Lost Sector on Tangled Shore. 




  • Fixed an issue where applying certain shaders to the Hunter Guardian Games ornament would cause it to glow too brightly and dim out other armor items. 
  • Dreaming City Reverie Dawn armor now correctly includes the full list of shaders a player has unlocked in its shader socket. 



  • Fixed an issue where The Last Word ornaments had different recoil behavior than the base version.



  • Fixed an issue where Bleak Watcher could allow players to continue using Winter’s Wrath even after running out of Super energy. 
      • Bleak Watcher Aspect has now been reenabled.  



  • Fixed an issue where the Deep Stone Crypt activity node advertises the weekly challenge provides a Pinnacle drop instead of a Powerful drop. 



  • Fixed an issue where the Special Finisher mod could be purchased from Ada-1 more than once. 



  • Fixed an issue where audio was cutting off when interacting with specific NPCs, affecting multiple languages. 


Source: Bungie

Written by: Carizma

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