Diablo 4 – Blizzard Announces approximate date of news

Diablo 4 – Blizzard Announces approximate date of news

Blizzard had promised that there would be regular new information about Diablo 4. But the last info briefing was a while ago. Now fans have asked and received an answer. Unfortunately, you will have to be patient before there is something new about Diablo 4.

After Blizzard finally presented Diablo 4 as the upcoming release at BlizzCon 2019, the developers at Blizzard also promised that there will be regular new information.

New Diablo 4 information should be released every three months. Since the last briefing was in February 2020, there should be another one soon. But when does it happen?


Diablo 4 new information will be released this summer

A user asked on Twitter when the next briefing on Diablo 4 will come. Finally it would not be time for it.

A Blizzard employee responded – the next information on Diablo 4 will be presented at the end of June 2020!

So we have to wait a few more weeks until there will be news about Diablo 4, we will keep you up to date!


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