F1 2018: Update 1.12 released – Patch Notes

F1 2018: Update 1.12 released – Patch Notes

Codemasters has released the update 1.12 for the racing simulation “F1 2018” for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The changelog tells us which changes have been made in detail.

In addition to other optimizations, a bug was fixed, which was determined in connection with the lap times and the entry into the box. In addition, improvements to the safety car were made.

F1 2018: Patch Notes Update 1.12

  • Invalidated lap times will no longer be incorrectly set back to valid when returning to the garage.
  • Added new PC anti cheat.
  • Improvements to the Safety Car behaviour when it’s deployed to the track.
  • Broadcast speech will now play correctly after all sessions.
  • Stopped spectators seeing the garage for a frame followed by the car on track for a frame causing a nasty flicker when spectating OSQ.
  • Rebalanced Rank and Safety Rating calculations.

Written by: Carizma

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