Fallout 76: Update 1.01 – Day One Patch over 50 GB

Fallout 76: Update 1.01 – Day One Patch over 50 GB

fallout 76 patch 1.01

In a few days, “Fallout 76” will appear in the trade, now the first major update has been announced. The Patch 1.01 for “Fallout 76” (Day One Patch) will be around 50 GB in size, before you can play Fallout 76, you need to download and install the update.

So that you can play Fallout 76 you need about 100 GB of space on your console or PC. The main game will need a run of 45GB, then you get 100GB with Patch 1.01.

More news, guides and solutions for Fallout 76 can be found on our theme page about the game.

Fallout 76 – Patch 1.01 changelog

Official patch notes are currently not available. We complete these when they are published.

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  1. sam January 22, 2020 | Reply

    100gb, 50gb patches, overnight downloads… ermm, yeah, no, putting my newly bought 76 for sale without even playing it. Thank.you… Bethesda, NOT.

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