Far Cry 5: Title Update 9 released – Patch Notes 1.09

Far Cry 5: Title Update 9 released – Patch Notes 1.09

Ubisoft today released Patch 1.09 for Far Cry 5, the Ttite Update with just under 10 gigabytes is available for download.

With the latest patch 1.09 the title update 9 to Far Cry 5 is released. With this title update, the elements from Far Cry 5: “Dead Living Zombies” are included in the Far Cry Arcade Editor.

UPDATE: You can find all new trophies for the Dead Living Zombies DLC here!

Ubisoft writes the following:
We will have more details to share on this upcoming DLC soon, but those looking for a sneak peak can dive into the editor and conjure up chilling creations with ghoulish graffiti, creepy crypts, and other spooky set pieces. Zombie AI will be added in a future title update, but in the meantime head into Far Cry Arcade … if you dare!


Far Cry 5 – Patch Notes 1.09

1. New Additions

  • Support and assets for Far Cry® 5 Dead Living Zombies added to the game
  • Shop content added to the game
  • Added generic invisible shapes to the Arcade Editor

2. Stability & Performance

  • Fixed multiple low occurrence crashes
  • Fixed and improved stability
  • Attempted fix for crash introduced in TU8

3. Missions

  • Fixed bug with skipping cinematic in Wolf’s Den
  • Fixed an issue where the characters would have blood stains on their faces during the opening mission under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where the client would be unable to see the host’s weapons after completing the mission “Prairie Oyster Harvest”
  • Fixed an issue where the subtitles were not properly synced with the dialogue during the John Seed intro video after liberating Dutch’s Island
  • Fixed an issue where the client would see an auto-drive popup when in the car with the Host and Hurk, during the mission “The Prodigal Son”

4. Audio

  • Fixed an issue with missing sounds when the P08 has a silencer equipped
  • Fixed Phaser pistols SFX continuing after leaving the Photo Mode

5. Gameplay & UI

  • Fixed player vehicle being damaged during outpost liberation
  • Fixed minor fishing issues
  • Fixed minor gameplay issues
  • Fixed an issue where the Bayek and Aya outfit would disappear when viewing the player from a far distance
  • Fixed various clipping issues with other special outfits
  • Fixed an issue where the D50 pistol was using the incorrect ammo type
  • Fixed an issue where NPC’s could disappear after being kicked off a ladder
  • Fixed an issue where wildlife could be seen sinking into the ground under certain situations
  • Fixed an issue where certain button prompts were missing from the Live Tiles on the Main Menu
  • Fixed an issue where the “Fetching Store Products” text could be overlapping the weapon’s shop menu
  • Fixed autodrive message not displaying when activated.

6. Coop

  • Fixed issue with weapons disappearing in COOP
  • Fixed some clipping issues when aiming from the passenger seat while riding a vehicle

7. PC Specific

  • Minor improvements in Photo Mode
  • Fixed an issue when changing main display value may not affect game window if game works in window mode
  • Fixed various minor UI issues

8. Far Cry Arcade

  • Fixed various issues in Far Cry Arcade
  • Fixed issues caused by host migration
  • Fixed an issue where the “Waiting for map pickers” HUD would pop out for clients when the host was in the pick map page
  • Fixed an issue where players could be kicked from a party if the party tried to enter a lobby without enough free spaces available
  • Fixed some audio issues where the music could stop playing when joining a private lobby
  • Fixed an issue where the player could become invincible if a host migration occurred during the loadout page
  • Fixed an issue where buffs from previous sessions could carry over to new sessions
  • Fixed an issue where the map snapshot appeared off-screen for the host during map selection

9. Map Editor

  • New: Added new assets for Far Cry® 5 Dead Living Zombies.
  • New: Added the “Search” function on Consoles.
  • New: More Generic shapes: Cylinders, Pyramids, Spheres, Tubes. Can be found under /Add new objects /Generic shapes /Generic shapes.
  • New: Added new Blood, Fire, Smoke, Water particle effects.
  • New: Added VFX to the player camera when entering water surfaces.
  • New: Added Volume management objects (Audio, Lighting, Reflection). Can be found under /Add new object /Audio and visuals.
  • New: Added Temporary structure under /Add new object > /Audio and visuals: A second folder baring the same name can be seen to show all new +-30 effects.
  • Fixed issue with Asset and action point budgets
  • Minor asset fixes

10. Far Cry® 5 Hours of Darkness DLC

  • Fixed airstrike issue in COOP
  • Fixed issues with weapon equips
  • Fixed an issue where the button flip controller configuration would cause the binocular zoom and airstrike command to use the same button

11. Far Cry® 5 Lost on Mars DLC

  • Fixed minor gameplay issues
  • Fixed issues where host would become stuck
  • Fixed various coop issues causing the player to become stuck on mission objectives
  • Fixed an issue where the world map could be unlocked in certain situations
  • Fixed an issue where certain SFX could be heard playing during the ending credits
  • Fixed some audio replication issues for clients
  • Fixed some issues where the player was able to exit the map in certain locations

12. Far Cry® 5 Dead Living Zombies DLC

  • Content added to the game

13. Photo Mode

  • Fixed various issues with Photo Mode
  • Fixed sound issues when using certain weapons
  • Fixed an issue where the shovel would become un-usable when bringing up Photo Mode as the weapon breaks
  • Fixed an issue where photo mode was unavailable for the DLCs before completing the intro mission of the main game
  • Fixed issues with melee weapons


Source: Ubisoft fc5 tu 9

Written by: Carizma

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    Could you guys add input so we can play on keyboard and mouse. And if you do, please add a cursor. It would actually mean so much to me and my friends.

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