Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – All information about the mobile game

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – All information about the mobile game

With Harry Potter: Wizard Unite, the Pokémon GO developers want to land their next big hit. We have collected all information about the game for you.

In this post you will learn everything that is already known about the game and where there could be overlaps with other games of Niantic.

For which platforms does Harry Potter: Wizards Unite appear?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will become a mobile game so it will be released for iOS and Android devices. It could be that older iPhones are excluded from use.

When will Harry Potter: Wizards Unite be released?

An exact release date for the mobile game is not available at the moment. So far we only know that the game should appear in 2019.

What kind of game will it be, what’s the game about?

How Harry Potter: Wizards Unite gets a story, we can not say at the current time. However, the official website for the game already gives some pointers: Accordingly, players will assume the role of members of an intervention force to maintain the secrecy statute. After all, the Muggles in the Potter universe do not know that there is magic – and that’s how it should stay!

In the process, players will find traces of magic in their immediate vicinity, as does Harry Potter: Wizards Unite becomes a so-called augmented reality game. This means that your real location affects the content of the game.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Trailer

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