Hellpoint Update 1.09 Patch Notes on October 26

Hellpoint Update 1.09 Patch Notes on October 26

Cradle Games today released the Halloween update for Hellpoint. We have all the details about the October 26th game update.

The Hellpoint Update 1.09 can now be downloaded for all platforms. PC Version 360, PS4 Version 1.09 and Xbox Version


Hellpoint Patch Notes on October 26

Added the UPnP indicator to the Online tab; shows whether UPnP is detected:

Red: No UPnP Green: UPnP is available In case someone has a restrictive NAT (Yellow or Red), UPnP allows to bypass that, providing a better connectivity


  • Tweaked the NAT indicator to better reflect the port status
  • Added backup connection on the default UDP port
  • Fixed lighting in OpenGL in the Sentient boss fight
  • Optimization in the Atrium
  • Prevented the player from getting stuck in Ozy’s pit in the underworld
  • Fixed inventory desync in the online co-op mode
  • Fixed a shader in the Arisen Congregators’ “Pyramid” attack
  • Fixed a number of rare crashes
  • Silenced tinyBeast’s footsteps

Written by: Carizma

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