Hitman 2 Patch 1.13 released – Update 2.21 Changelog available

Hitman 2 Patch 1.13 released – Update 2.21 Changelog available

IO Interactive has released Update 2.21 for Hitman 2, client patch 1.13 (PS4) is now available for download.

The April 30 HITMAN 2 update includes a massive update to Ghost mode, a Silent Assassin tracker, bug fixes, and more. Many of the fixes and changes included in this update have been reported by our players and the community.

You can read all details about this update on the official site, right here.


Hitman 2 Update Version 1.13 Patch Notes

Game Update 2.21: What’s NEW?
Ghost Mode Location: Santa Fortuna
Our second location for Ghost Mode is Santa Fortuna. Welcome to the jungle.

Ghost Mode: Emotes
We’ve added 4 new emotes that can be activated in Ghost Mode.

How Gracious – For those moments when a kiss speaks louder than words
Well Done – A slightly ironic clapping gesture aimed at your opponent
Evil Eye – Let your opponent understand they’re under severe scrutiny
Disbelief – Show appreciation of your opponent’s actions by shaking your head

Ghost Mode: Items
We’ve added 4 new items to Ghost Mode. Pick them up in Ghost Crates.

The Ghost Freeze Grenade will slow down your opponent for a short amount of time.
The Ghost Outfit Manipulator will simultaneously change both your and your opponents outfit to a new random one.
The Ghost Proximity Explosive will trigger in your opponents world if they come near it.
The Ghost Flash Grenade will blind and disorientate your opponent.

Ghost Mode: Phantom
We’ve added the ‘Phantom Assassin’ Challenge to Ghost Mode. Complete it by eliminating 100 targets in Ghost Mode (any location) and unlock the Phantom Suit.

Ghost Mode: Target Variation
We’ve added 4 new variations of the Ghost Mode target, for a total of 5. Whilst keeping the same visual style, the targets will now have more variation in their appearance. It doesn’t matter what they look like if you want to unlock the Phantom Suit though, just eliminate 100.

Ghost Mode: Rematch
We’ve added the option to immediately go into a rematch with the same opponent.

Silent Assassin Scoring
We’ve implemented new and finalised rules for earning the Silent Assassin rating. Our goals for this rating is to keep it as the pinnacle accomplishment for the game, where earning 5 stars and the highest possible score was something to aspire to and difficult to achieve.

The mission scoring will now be calculated based on these parameters; Objectives Complete (20k), Never Spotted (20k), No Noticed Kills (20k), No Bodies Found (20k), No Recordings (20k), Non-Target Kill Penalty (0), Time Bonus.

To earn the Silent Assassin rating in any mission, players will need to complete all objectives and exit the mission, without any of the following 7 events occurring:

  1. An NPC escalates to the Compromised state.
  2. An NPC escalates to the Suspicious state.
  3. An NPC catches Agent 47 trespassing.
  4. An NPC finds a dead or pacified body. (Accident kills and poision kills do not fail this event)
  5. Agent 47 is spotted performing an illegal or suspicious action through a camera by an NPC. (If there is no guard watching the camera feed, 47 will get recorded but can still earn the SA rating by destroying the evidence.)
  6. Getting recorded by a security camera and failing to destroy the evidence.
  7. Agent 47 kills a non-target.

Additional: For events 1-5, if the NPC that triggers the event is a target (and no other non-targets trigger the same event or gains knowledge from the target), the SA rating will be retained on mission end.

Silent Assassin Tracker
Keep track of your status towards the Silent Assassin rating during gameplay. The tracker will display as an icon next to the mini map and the colour will show whether SA will currently be awarded for the playthrough. In cases where SA is not currently achievable but could be later on, for example if Agent 47 was recorded by a security camera, the tracker will display as red and then turn to green once the evidence has been deleted.

Written by: Carizma

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