Horizon Zero Dawn: Rumored in Development for PS5

Horizon Zero Dawn: Rumored in Development for PS5

Horizon Zero Dawn: The game will have an improved lighting system, modernized textures, and better animations and character models.


Horizon Zero Dawn: A variety of accessibility


Additionally, a wider variety of accessibility choices will be available in the game. This is to better enable players with disabilities to customize the experience to their tastes. Although this is now standard, visual modes, such as a performance and a resolution mode will be present. Last but not least, MP1st notes “subtle enhancements” in gameplay, most of which are the Forbidden West quality-of-life additions.




Co-op is rumored to have been planned for Zero Dawn and Forbidden West, but Guerilla chose to save the option for a different game, much like Naughty Dog and the impending standalone The Last of Us multiplayer project.


The Bottomline


Even if Horizon Zero Dawn was released less than six years ago, it is not surprising that it appears to be a similar style of a remake with comparable updates and additions. Given that there will likely be less time between the original and its remake, the issue the rumored Zero Dawn remake may encounter is that the presentation updates were maybe even less stunning than The Last of Us.


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