Just Cause 4 – Los Demonios Trophies List

Just Cause 4 – Los Demonios Trophies List

Just Cause 4 has received several enhancements, from now on the following DLCs are available:

  • Trials, Toys & Terror – Free
  • Los Demonios – Expansion Pass


The “Los Demonios” expansion also includes 10 new trophies / achievements. In this article we want to introduce you to these 10 new trophies. The new trophies increase the number of available trophies to a total of 53.

At the same time the update 1.21 was published.


JC4 Los Demonios Trophies

  • Now Who’s the Idiot?
    Finish The Artifact

  • >

    Never Speak of This Again
    Finish Extermination

  • A Nightmare On Kusi Street
    Purge the Infestation on the Mainland

  • Silence of the Llamas
    Expel the Infestation at the Farm

  • The Power of Rico Compels You
    Exorcise the Infestation at the Church

  • Solino Chainsaw Massacre
    Eradicate the Infestation at the Compound

  • They Came From the Lake
    Liquidate the Infestation at the Lake

  • Demons on a Plane
    Obliterate the Infestation at the Crash

  • The Flying Dead
    Abolish the Infestation on the Mountain

  • Moocifer
    Create a Cow Demon

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