Madden NFL 20 Update Version 1.10 Patch Notes

Madden NFL 20 Update Version 1.10 Patch Notes

EA has released a new title update for Madden NFL 20. Client Patch 1.10 is ready for Download, for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

This title update from August 20, bringing new Superstar X-Factor and Superstar Abilities and improvements to Madden NFL 20. Below you will find the complete patch notes of EA.


Madden NFL 20 Patch Notes 1.10 – Update from August 20th

Global Updates

  • General stability and connectivity improvements
  • Updated player likenesses for the following NFL players & Coaches:
    • Titans WR AJ Brown
    • Patriots DE Chase Winovich
    • Dolphins DT Christian Wilkins
    • Broncos DT Drew Lock
    • Eagles WR JJ Arcega-Whiteside
    • Patriots WR N’Keal Harry 
    • Colts LG Quenton Nelson
    • Panthers CB Donte Jackson
    • Raiders RB Josh Jacobs
    • Panthers OLB Brian Burns 
    • Bengals HB Trayveon Williams
    • Cardinals HB Andy Isabella
    • Packers DE Rashan Gary 
    • Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew
    • Redskins HB Bryce Love
    • Broncos HB Philip Lindsay
    • Chargers WR Keenan Allen
    • Steelers HB Benny Snell Jr
    • Broncos TE Noah Fant 
    • 49ers DE Nick Bosa
    • Lions TE TJ Hockenson 
    • Falcons CB Desmond Trufant 
    • Cardinals WR Hakeem Butler
    • Browns CB Greedy Williams
    • Panthers QB Will Grier
    • Seahawks WR DK Metcalf
    • Bills DT Ed Oliver 
    • Saints WR Lil’Jordan Humphrey
    • Vikings TE Irv Smith
    • Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett
    • Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Arians
    • Saints Head Coach Sean Payton

Franchise Updates

  • Scenario Engine:
    • Fixed an issue causing characters added to the league during the Fantasy Draft from re-triggering the Preseason Scenario
    • Fixed a pre-season scenario causing the player to get negative coach feedback after achieving a QB rating of 95 or higher in pre-season game 2
    • Fixed an issue causing the user to get a ‘Dev Trait’ increase scenario while still having a hidden Dev Trait
    • Fixed an issue causing a player created on the Front End and then imported into Franchise to get cut before the regular season
    • Fixed an issue causing ‘Total Yards’ to not be calculated correctly in some scenarios
    • Fixed a scenario referring to the user’s character as ‘third rookie to start a season 3-1’
      • DEV NOTE: We have made some improvements to scenario selection criteria and these will be applied to existing franchise leagues. The team is also evaluating which scenarios are being seen by users too often, not seen by users enough and we’re responding to feedback. Future updates will include new content as well as changes to existing scenarios and their corresponding goals and rewards.
  • Face of the Franchise: QB 1/Player-Locked Franchise (these updates will apply to existing save files):
    • Changed the label of the default skin tone to be consistent with the skin tone values in Player Creation
    • User-created characters will no longer have the Hidden Dev Trait
    • Fixed an issue when super-simming into OT during a college game could lead to incorrect ball-spot placement
    • Fixed an issue preventing the college OT rules from being respected after using Supersim during the CPU’s possession
    • Fixed an issue preventing the created player portrait from appearing for the opposing player in a Head to Head game
    • Fixed an issue preventing a second created character portrait from appearing in the Franchise hub
    • Fixed an issue sometimes causing X-Factor Vision to invert in pre-play after a few plays while player-locked
  • Global Franchise (will apply to existing save files, unless otherwise noted):
    • Fixed an issue causing the Draft Pose animations to giveaway the drafted players’ development traits
    • Fixed an issue preventing scrambling QB’s from accruing the appropriate amount of rushing yards when using Supersim
    • Tuning to decrease the frequency of injuries for running backs
    • Fixed an issue causing the hidden Dev Trait ‘snaps played’ progress to be lost after quitting out of Franchise
    • Patriots QB Tom Brady will now be prevented from retiring at the end of the first season, based on his recently signed contract
    • Menu Narration for Accessibility – fixed an issue when the user changes the team filter in the My Team: Injuries menu to a different team it no longer reads the player name
    • Fixed an issue preventing the ‘away team’ user in a Head to Head game from making changes to the depth chart
    • Fixed an issue causing a drafted player ranked low on the board to be displayed as a ‘Good Pick’
    • Fixed an issue causing high-rated players to sometimes be recommended to be cut, and/or being cut by CPU-controlled teams
    • Tuning to increase the number of Improviser QB’s generated in Draft Classes
    • Fixed an issue where the user could get Drive Goals for injured players
    • Updated Panthers & Jets defensive schemes to reflect latest team information – this will NOT update in existing save files
    • Financial Mogul Owner description had incorrect starting funds value
    • Fixed an issue preventing drafted offensive linemen from unlocking their Dev Traits through downs played
    • Tuning to prevent a Signing Bonus from counting against the salary cap beyond the 5th year of a contract extension
    • Fixed an issue preventing the Formation Subs screen from updating after changing the playbook on the Schemes menu
    • Fixed an issue rarely causing the Play Call screen to go blank in Franchise
  • Fantasy Draft:
    • Fixed an issue where players had the same True Talent Rank in the Draft Analysis Feedback
    • Removed OVR from draft feedback text descriptions
    • Fixed an issue causing an out of sync Draft Counter
    • Fixed an issue displaying message ‘You have no picks remaining’ after reaching Round 6
    • Fixed issues with players displaying the same True Talent rank as other players
    • Superstar Abilities (these updates will apply to existing save files): 
    • Added support for the new Offensive Line Superstar abilities:
    • All OL positions have had their ability slots increased to two, that will unlock at 70 OVR & 80 OVR
    • Fullbacks and Tight Ends in Franchise will also have access to the blocking abilities
    • Quarterbacks will now have access to the Brick Wall X-Factor ability
    • Quarterbacks will now have access to the Threat Detector Superstar ability
    • “Double Me” had incorrect knock out information inside of Franchise mode
    • Franchise X-Factor database now displays only active abilities 
    • Fixed an issue with Lions CB Darius Slay causing his ability loadout to display a duplicate ability
    • Fixed an issue causing players to display abilities they haven’t yet unlocked
    • Fixed an issue preventing players with Superstar abilities from showing their Superstar icon in Franchise rosters

Presentation Updates

  • Fixed an issue causing gamertags to appear in post-play presentation of MUT Squads
  • Fixed an issue causing player indicators to overlap in MUT Squads
  • Fixed an issue causing a created characters face to appear orange or red when quitting during a creation save
  • Updated cameras in the Packers stadium so that they will remain in the front of the official when calling a penalty
  • Updated Jumbotron message in the Ravens stadium
  • Updated cameras in the Chiefs stadium
  • Updated Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger’s X-Factor loading screen to reflect his correct Zone Ability
  • In-Game text and Banner improvements

Gameplay Updates

  • New Features & Mechanics:
    • Pass Block Double Team Mechanic
  • Superstar X-Factors:
    • Added Offensive Line Superstars & Abilities
    • Tuning to increase the effectiveness of double-move route cuts for double-move abilities
    • Added the fade hot route to the criteria to activate the ‘Streak Specialist’ ability
    • Fixed an issue preventing X-Factor zone progress from populating correctly on the first play after a restarted game session
    • Tuning to decrease blocking boosts on ‘Pin & Pull Guru,’ ‘Inside Zone Guru,’ Outside Zone Guru,’ ‘Fastbreak,’ and ‘Protected’ by 50% to provide proper balance for the new Offensive Line abilities
    • Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger has been updated so his new Superstar X-Factor Zone ability is ‘Brick Wall’
      • Brick Wall – When in the zone, will break the first sack attempt as long as he’s in the pocket.
      • This ability will be available in both Ultimate Team & Franchise
  • Tuning & Balancing:
    • Tuning around fumble rates and stiff-arm strength
      • DEV NOTE: We have heard our players’ voices relative to the frequency of fumbles and the power of the stiff-arm move. While this tuning will decrease some of the frustrations around fumbles and stiff arms globally, this is just the first step in a series of planned updates that will bring more exact situational tuning. One important note regarding fumbles: the fumble rate for QB’s is higher intentionally, especially on Competitive game-style, in order to provide balance for scrambling QB’s. You can avoid fumbling with your QB by using the QB Slide mechanics: either tap the dive button while NOT holding down the Acceleration burst button; or hold both Acceleration Burst AND the Precision Modifier and tap the dive button to slide with your QB. A similarly useful counter to the stiff-arm move is the cut stick tackle, which can be activated by flicking down on the tackle stick.
    • Tapping the stiff arm button a second time before making contact with a defender will now cancel the stiff arm
    • Defenders with the “Secure Tackler” or “Tackle Supreme” abilities will no longer allow broken tackles due to the stiff-arm move
    • Tuning to remove a speed burst when canceling a play-action fake
    • Tuning to improve the read-defender’s reaction when running Inverted Veer plays to make the play easier to read
    • Tuning to increase the frequency of successful catches by offensive linemen on Fake Field Goal plays
    • Tuning to decrease the frequency of AI-controlled players diving at the pile or ball carrier late into or after the play
    • Tuning to avoid accurate passes getting thrown too low on RPO plays
  • Bug Fixes and Animation:
    • Fixed an issue causing a receiver to warp off the ground into a tackle following a possession catch
    • Fixed an issue making it difficult to tackle the ball carrier during a standing hurdle
    • Fixed an issue causing the first tackle to be missed vs. a precision hurdle
    • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented a ball carrier from being tackled while getting up off the ground
    • Fixed an issue preventing the QB from fumbling during a specific hit stick tackle
    • Fixed an issue causing the QB to sometimes get frozen on the ground after a sack-fumble
    • Fixed an issue causing AI-controlled QB’s to sometimes drop back too far and take big losses on sacks
    • Fixed an issue causing a defender to warp off the ground into a sack animation
    • Fixed an issue sometimes causing missed tackles vs. receivers right as the ball is being caught
    • Fixed an issue causing defenders to leave their coverage assignments after the QB would break a tackle as a ball carrier in the backfield
    • Fixed an issue causing the RB to slide at the start of the play when flipping a Fake Jet Power pass
    • Fixed an issue sometimes causing a man coverage defender to run forward when defending a streak route
    • Fixed an issue causing the ball to warp from one hand to the other when throwing on the run with a left-handed QB
    • Fixed an issue with the button-mapping of Run Fit play art – you can now view the run fits in Coach Cam by holding down LT/L2 and pressing either Square/X or Circle/B in pre-play
    • Fixed an issue preventing ball carriers from dropping the ball after the play is over
    • Fixed an issue preventing the Block and Release icon from appearing in Head to Head offline matches
    • Fix to prevent HB’s from entering the QB ball carrier state on HB Passing plays to prevent exploits
    • Made improvements to the pump-fake mechanic so that the QB will pass the ball quickly after pump-faking if spamming is detected
  • Playbooks:
    • Added Patriots Hoss-Juke concept plays to the Patriots playbook
    • Fixed an issue causing blank sections in the Play-Call screen for the formation Singleback Wing Flex Close
    • Fixed an issue causing the receiver to run backwards after the play-fake on Singleback Ace Pair PA End Around
    • Fixed an issue with play-art where the WR had no assigned route on Singleback Doubles Y Off Close PA Fly Sweep
    • Fixed an issue causing the QB to keep the ball during the handoff on West Coast Far Pro HB Sweep
    • Fixed an issue sometimes causing the offense to leave the field when removing the Hail Mary set from custom playbooks
    • Fixed an issue causing the Read Key to be on the wrong side of the field vs. Gun Doubles Y-Flex Offset RPO Read Flat Slant
    • Fixed an issue causing the defensive play to reset after flipping the play in Play Call screen when defending No-Huddle
    • Fixed the Primary Target for Wildcat Slot Flex Jet Touch Pass to be correct
    • Fixed pre-play alignment issues in the Big Nickel Over G defensive formation when aligning vs. Trips formations

Madden Ultimate Team Updates

  • Fixed an issue preventing OVR’s from displaying correctly on the Top Players section of the Lineup Tab
  • Fixed an issue causing the ‘Top Players’ to only show their default position
  • Fixed an issue causing players to sometimes kick off to begin both halves in some MUT Solo Battles
  • Fixed an issue preventing the user from being rewarded the appropriate star when scoring exactly 14 points during a ‘Score more than 14 points’ bonus objective
  • Fixed an issue causing ‘Play Next Challenge’ to display the incorrect team
  • Fixed an issue causing the left analog stick to lose functionality after entering the ‘Adjust Lineup’ screen and moving through the tabs
  • Updated the MUT Squads Leaderboard to display the correct ranks in the ‘Friend Leaderboard’
  • Multiple menu & interface improvements

PC Updates

  • Fixed an issue preventing pre-play Coach Cam art from appearing when using a 4K Dual monitor set-up
  • Fixed a wide variety of issues preventing users from interacting with Franchise menu’s via Mouse input


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Written by: Carizma

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  1. Aj August 22, 2019 | Reply

    Is the challenge play selection goin to get fixed or we just can’t challenge anymore?

  2. Blake Jarriel August 21, 2019 | Reply

    Please fix the issue with the kick meter disappearing late in the game. Also not a big deal but LeSean McCoy always runs with the ball one handed, never seen that before in a Madden game

  3. J.Falcon August 20, 2019 | Reply

    I’ve been playing/purchasing Madden faithfully since ‘96. Is there any possible way to bring back Simulation Season mode where the computer isn’t signing retired players or changing their depth charts randomly. Also All-Madden is supposed to be hard but sometimes it’s just flat out cheap when you’re getting sacked 15 times a game even on quick dropbacks. And AI QB’s(even backups like Blake Bortles) completing 85-90% of passes.

  4. Cc August 20, 2019 | Reply

    Please let us sign out of old ea accounts with emails that we don’t know the passwords to anymore making online play actually usable

  5. Mike August 20, 2019 | Reply

    Can we see our recent opponents in online games that be awesome

  6. Austin Hull August 20, 2019 | Reply

    So are we going to pretend that the kick bar doesn’t disappear in the fourth quarter or are you guys actually ok with that, it makes the game practically unplayable in tight games

  7. Pinchhittn August 20, 2019 | Reply

    Good game but mut squads loading screen needs to be fixed. Seems a good 40% of time you have to restart the game all at the same time or 2 of 3 will be loaded into a game with a random. Also the user wr when bumped will sometimes get locked running in only that direction when bumped.

  8. Joshua August 20, 2019 | Reply

    Would be nice to add zone mechanic that covers corner routes. There are certain corner routes and crossing routes that simply go to a part of the field where no zone can go. There should not be one single thing on offense that someone has to user to defend. A defense can’t defend absolutely everything but if I want to take away something specific there should be a defense for it.

  9. Kajejenkinsj August 20, 2019 | Reply

    This is good EA now patch the got damn refs back on field during game play!!! Until then, I’m waiting for 2k20!!

  10. Chris August 20, 2019 | Reply

    Can u pleases allow users to add or remove superstar traits from players in manage rosters or create players screen.

  11. QB August 20, 2019 | Reply

    Accelerated Clock can y’all please fix it it accelerates even after u turn it off it’s terrible

  12. Dustin August 20, 2019 | Reply

    I’ve been playing since 93. Just want you to know that me and the Silent Majority of Madden fans LOVE this game and how hard y’all work to keep it awesome. 2K or any other co. Could not come close to what y’all have achieved. I’m a franchise only player and it got so much better this year. Continue to do what your doing. The complainers love to be heard but MOST of us LOVE this game. Not one person I’ve ever known has had anything bad to say about this game since 06. Thank you,. Dustin

    • Javian Keys August 20, 2019 | Reply

      I cant see me ranking on leadersboard on head 2 head online. Can you guys please fix this problem

    • James August 20, 2019 | Reply

      Franchise only player here as well and I agree with everything you said. ?? I’ve been playing since the first Madden on Sega Genesis and have loved them all despite popular opinion that they’re falling off.

  13. Dan August 20, 2019 | Reply

    Game is great, gameplay is best yet. But franchise is unplayable because the kick meter disappears in late game every game

  14. Dan August 20, 2019 | Reply

    Please fix disappearing kick meter in 4th quarter

    • Me August 20, 2019 | Reply

      It’s supposed to do that if the opponent calls time out in a close game at the end

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