Mario Strikers: Pauline and Diddy Kong hits the field

Mario Strikers: Pauline and Diddy Kong hits the field

Nintendo just released a new software update for Mario Strikers: Battle League, introducing two new playable characters and a new area to play in, the Planetoid Stadium. 


Mario Strikers: Pauline and Diddy Kong 


Although the September 21 update primarily focuses on a few tweaks to improve the player experience, the main draw is the addition of new characters Pauline and Diddy Kong, who are now part of the roster. The last update to Mario Strikers: Battle League was on August 15.


Customizable stadium supporters 


Version 1.2.0 of Mario Strikers: Battle League includes several improvements to the gameplay experience. The Striker Rankings section, for example, has been added to the main menu, displaying a skill score calculated by comparing players’ abilities over time. The score fluctuates based on their performance in online matches (excluding Battle Friends). Players can also customize stadium supporters and spend coins to watch fireworks celebrating their goals and victories.


Take away


Nintendo has provided some guidance to ensure that players receive the update correctly. First, you must have a Nintendo Switch Online membership to download the version 1.2.0 update. The update will be downloaded automatically if your device is connected to the Internet. Finally, all players must use the same version of the game to play together. So, before playing multiplayer, make sure your friends have downloaded the update. 


What can you say about this update? If you love Mario Strikers, you will also  enjoy Paper Mario 

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