Metro Exodus Patch Notes 1.05 – New Update Released on August 19

Metro Exodus Patch Notes 1.05 – New Update Released on August 19

Deep Silver and the responsible developers of Metro Exodus have released today Update 1.05, the Client Patch is now ready for download, for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Metro Exodus Update 1.05 is 5.34 GB in size on the PS4. How much gigabytes you have to download on pc and xbox, we do not know at the moment

The update mainly fixes only bugs, there are also a few optimizations and an option was added which deactivates the sound of the explosions, especially for people suffering from tinnitus.


Metro Exodus Update 1.05 Patch Notes

All Platform Updates:

  • Added a multiple save slot system.
  • Added SFX subtitles for hearing impaired players.
  • Added option to disable explosion ringing sounds for players with tinnitus.
  • Added new death hints (appear in loading screen when the player has died).
  • Improved stability, fixed crashes reported by community and platform vendors.
  • Improved animations and behaviour of Blind One.
  • Improved animations and behaviour of worms.
  • Improved visuals for various in-game objects.
  • Fixed bug where in New Game+ radiation mode worked even if player didn’t choose modifier.
  • Fixed bug when Player can be instantly killed when entering oasis from caves.
  • Fixed random title crash during shootout between Hanza soldiers in turntable control room.
  • Fixed random crash when playing Volga level in New Game+ mode.
  • Fixed bug with random disappearing of small objects on the screen.
  • Fixed issues with recognizing of Xbox Adaptive Controller.
  • Fixed random crash after riding on minivan in Caspian desert.
  • Fixed black snow on player mask in Dead Moscow.
  • Fixed crashes occurring when exiting to main menu after loading save made in un-patched version. 
  • Fixed crash after attempting to load the save data created in the base version if the text and voice language has been changed to Ukrainian.
  • Fixed bug where workbenches cannot be used after shooting at them. 
  • Fixed bug when melee attack with spiders can push player through walls and geometry.
  • Fixed bug with game failing to launch if raytracing is set to 2 on the first launch.
  • Fixed game crash if player exits to main menu, while being on weapon customization in workbench.
  • Fixed random crash on the way to the mission in Oasis fort.
  • Fixed random crash after last shootout in Oil Kingdom.
  • Fixed bug where the player does not get a weapon with a silencer modification after starting New Game+. 
  • Fixed bug where player falls out of the Volga level in the bunker. 
  • Fixed some invisible NPCs in Bandit villages. 
  • Fixed autosaving in situations when Player is dying.
  • Fixed tuning of the gamma option.
  • Fixed bug when title enters infinite unresponsive state if launched with both preferences and playline data corrupted.
  • Fixed random crash while driving car in Dead City.
  • Fixed bug where players could fall out of the world if the player falls into water before completing Church quest in Volga.
  • Fixed graphic artifacts on top of the tower at the airbase in the Caspian desert when motion scanner is attached.
  • Fixed bug where the game without patch enters unresponsive state after attempt to load a save file made in updated version.
  • Fixed camera bug when camera becomes tilted for a short time after hitting a raven on the boat.
  • Fixed player clipping through non playable cars while exiting the playable car when it becomes stuck. 
  • Fixed bug when camera is attached improperly in a car when on a slope or object from the driver’s seat side.
  • Fixed bug where Shrimp can attack the player with projectiles through the rest place wall.
  • Fixed bug with missing geometry after returning to the cave under the lighthouse in the Caspian desert. 
  • Fixed bug where player can fall out of the world in Dead City if they go off path upon leaving the Depot.
  • Fixed bug where Anna could get stuck in combat with watchman near bus in Dead Moscow.
  • Fixed progression blocker in the Volga when choosing a specific route to the Church that blocks user from further progression.
  • Fixed bug when player is unable to use the backpack on the bridge if it was opened before the barge departure on Volga level.
  • Fixed bug where Damir pushes the player through closed doors on Caspian desert.
  • Fixed Anomaly appearing in the morning near the praying Fanatics.
  • Fixed bug with car flying up high because of a collision with the boat.
  • Fixed elevator collision in bunker on Caspian desert.
  • Fixed bug with weapon being on the screen when using workbench for crafting
  • Fixed bug where the scene with a bandit and a girl didn’t start in Oil Kingdom in Caspian desert.
  • Fixed bug when a bandit could lock player in the room without possibility to exit.
  • Fixed bug where Anna keeps talking during the fight sequence in the port and continues to walk around normally even after killing the sniper in the Caspian desert.
  • Fixed bug where a large part of the Terminal location can be skipped by climbing up to the Railcar right off the pier in Volga.
  • Fixed bug where the Shrimp stick to the player and prevents them from moving, drawing weapons, opening inventory, or viewing items.
  • Fixed bug where picking up and then dropping weapons gives you infinite materials.
  • Fixed the possibility to kill praying people in the church on Volga.
  • Fixed bug where a workbench in Caspian teleports the player to the train and they get stuck inside.
  • Fixed bug where the player doesn’t have access to weapons and attachments in New Game+.
  • Fixed bug where subtitles get stuck on the screen.
  • Fixed bug where the player can get stuck when going downstairs, skipping the Krest section in the Port in the Volga.
  • Fixed elevator collision allowing player to fall out of the world in the mall section in Dead Moscow.
  • Fixed rare case where autosaving stops working in Volga. 
  • Fixed visual artifact in the sky in Caspian desert.
  • Fixed bug with boat flying away after being attacked by Shrimp.
  • Fixed ceiling collision in the third car of Hansa’s train in the Chase sequence, which can result in player getting on top of the train.
  • Fixed random crash in the Volga during combat in the Port.
  • Fixed texture blinking in Volga in the Bandit tower.
  • Fixed bug where parts of the geometry for ruins in the Volga were disappearing.
  • Fixed bug where player crawls through rusty ship and then continues crawling in the air.
  • Fixed incorrect behaviour of last standing NPC on slave ship in Caspian desert.
  • Fixed collision bug where player can clip through the roof of lighthouse and get on top of it.
  • Fixed random crash when burning Arachnids with Molotov projectiles in the bunker in the Caspian desert.
  • Fixed random bug where briefing scene doesn’t start after finishing combat.
  • Fixed various text spelling issues.
  • Fixed texture blinking in the Taiga at the sawmill in the Admiral’s room.
  • Fixed bug when the Railgun is clean but the sight is still dirty.
  • Fixed orange texture on gun near a corpse in the Dead City level next to burnt station.
  • Fixed bug where in the Caspian desert, the player gets teleported back to the ruins outpost and cannot move after looting a body on a spike trap in the gas caves.
  • Fixed bug where player is teleported to the car if they leave the car in the same moment as hitting someone.

PC Specific Updates:

  • Added a warning message if PC specs are below minimum requirement.
  • Fixed visual artifacts when choosing extreme graphics preset and DX12.
  • Fixed graphics artifacts in the Caspian desert within the area beyond the airbase to the east with DX12 enabled, and graphic quality set to extreme.
  • Fixed visual bug when water and ice in the game look noisy with RTX and DLSS mode enabled.
  • Fixed visual glitches of icicles and wires in Photo mode on PC.
  • Fixed bug when benchmark sometimes starts windowed on the first launch. 
  • Fixed game freeze when player turns HDR option off in windows while playing the game.
  • Fixed bug where HairWorks causes sudden FPS drops.

Written by: Carizma

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  1. Bo Hansen September 9, 2020 | Reply

    I bought the game today and the update was 19.8 gb holy cow

  2. Emmanuel Roddy December 7, 2019 | Reply

    I had a comment to leave. I was in the Caspian Sea and getting ready to finish everything up I have went to a small sub camp where there were two dogs and I think two Goons. The game basically froze up after a dog attacked me and corrupted all my data I’m debating on buying a different version of Metro Exodus because I love the game I was thinking about getting the Aurora collection hoping that the bugs would be all patched up. Is there anyone who can give me any information as to if they have had this issue in the Caspian Sea

  3. Kio August 19, 2019 | Reply

    But the loading screen is still 5 minutes longer or so in ps4, I wish the game can launch faster, but the update is good???

  4. Ann August 19, 2019 | Reply

    Was the broken Ranger Hardcore mode fixed. Stealth is completely impossible with enemies hearing when they shouldn’t and seeing me through literal walls

  5. Ann August 19, 2019 | Reply

    What about the broken as shit ranger hardcore. Tired of enemies seeing and hearing me when they damn well shouldn’t through goddamn walls. The stealth on RH needs tweaking.

  6. FYI August 19, 2019 | Reply

    Incase anybody was curious, the patch size is 4.88GB on PC.

  7. Lormoor August 19, 2019 | Reply

    I hope 4A Games are working on fixing sniper aiming sensitivity, the floating bushes after Caspian Sea and have more sign translations. I know they are working on fixing lots of things, maybe i’ve been lucky ’cause i hadn’t noticed all these problems. I love the whole series and have 100% completion on Exodus. 🙂 <3

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