Modern Warfare Season One Release Time – Update 1.10 incoming

Modern Warfare Season One Release Time – Update 1.10 incoming

Update: Patch 1.10 has been released. Here you can find all information about it.

Season 1 including Battle Pass for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is released today. What content you can count on, what the Battle Pass costs and when Season 1 starts, we explain in this post.

When does Season 1 start? According to current information from Infinity Ward, Season 1 will be available around 7pm today, December 3rd. There are no differences for the respective platforms, PS4, Xbox One and PC will start at the same time as Season 1.

How much is the Battle Pass? The basic version of the Battle Pass is free and available to all players. The Premium Version of the Battle Pass Pass for Season 1 will cost you 1,000 CoD points. If you do not have enough points, you have to buy for 9.99 Dollar. When you reach all levels of the Battle Pass, you will receive 1,300 points as a reward.

To really use the Battle Pass, you must have reached level 55.


Modern Warfare Season 1 content

With Season 1, many new content will be released. There will be 7 new maps, new weapons, new co-op missions, and maybe a new Battle Royale mode will be launched.

The Battle Royale mode for Modern Warfare is not yet confirmed, but who has seen the trailer for Season 1 will see that there are indications. We have included the trailer below for you.


  • Multiplayer Maps
    • Crash
    • Vacant
    • Shipment
  • Ground War Map
    • Port of Verdansk
  • Gunfight Maps
    • Cargo
    • Atrium
  • New modes
    • As the season progresses, more new modes will be released
  • New spec ops missions
    • 4 new co-op missions


Modern Warfare Update 1.10

It can be assumed that we have to download a big update today. There is so much new content that it is actually safe, Update 1.10 (PS4 version) will be released tonight. The update will certainly not be a lightweight, the size of the download will be between 5 and 12 GB.

As soon as the update is released we will provide you with the complete patch notes in a separate article.


Modern Warfare Season 1 Trailer

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