Modern Warfare Playlist Update on July 14th – Patch Notes

Modern Warfare Playlist Update on July 14th – Patch Notes

Infinity Ward and Acitivision today released a new server update for Call of Duty Modern Warfare. We have the full information about this server patch on July 14th.

The Modern Warfare Warzone Update is now available for all platforms. In addition to the usual adjustments in the playlist, bugs were also fixed.

Please consider, it is a pure server update! You don’t have to download a patch! As soon as you start the game, a small update will be loaded in the background.


MW Warzone Patch Notes on July 14th

  • Renames D-Day’s ‘Border War’ skin and bio
  • An exploit where players could pick up weapons they dropped before the infil sequence in #Warzone
  • A Rytec AMR bug where shots were hitting above the crosshairs in their scope


Playlist Update

– Shoot House and Cheshire Park 24/7
– TDM and KC Remix
– Party Modes! A FFA moshpit featuring Gun Game Reloaded, One in the Chamber, and AoN
– Realism Ground War

– Removes BR Stimulus Trios
– Adds Plunder Trios

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