Modern Warfare Warzone Patch Notes on May 8th – New Server Update

Modern Warfare Warzone Patch Notes on May 8th – New Server Update

Infinity Ward released a new server update for Call of Duty Modern Warfare yesterday. Below you will find the patch notes for this update.

Unfortunately we are a bit late with the patch notes this time, but we have not forgotten them.

This server update (It is not Modern Warfare Patch 1.21) only fixes a few bugs, there is no noteworthy new content.


Modern Warfare Warzone Update Patch Notes on May 8th

  • Tuning all smoke challenges to be a bit more forgiving. This includes the challenge to unlock the Bruen MK9
  • Fix to help prevent vehicle exploits
  • Various exploit fixes, including Ground War Infected
  • GameBattles: Fix for a few issues where players might not be able to join a new match
  • Reduced fire delay on the Lightweight and Match Grade trigger attachments on all .357 calibers
  • .357 Snake Shot damage rebalance
  • Fixed a bug where the damage on the .357 Snake Shot was too high at longer distances


How to unlock Bruen MK9: To unlock this LMG you have to complete the challenge to this weapon. The mission requires you to kill 3 enemies in 15 different games with an LMG as long as the enemy is near smoke.


Source: Infinity Ward

Written by: Carizma

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