NBA 2K23: New Teaser Trailer and Release Info

NBA 2K23: New Teaser Trailer and Release Info

When is NBA 2K23 coming out? Is there a release date? This is one of the many questions that all NBA 2K fans ask themselves. In this article we want to go into all the previous information that we know.

First off, 2K released a new teaser trailer on Twitter today, which is probably the latest info:



When it comes to the question of the NBA 2K23 release, we can only tell you the following: So far it is only known that the basketball simulation will be released in September. In July there should be a big presentation and then the pre-order should be possible.

What platforms is NBA 2K23 coming to? The game will definitely be available for PS5 and Xbox Series. You can also do it on Switch, PC and Xbox One.

What NBA 2K23 editions will there be? There may be three versions of NBA 2K23, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. NBA 2K22 was available in Standard Edition, Cross-Gen Digital Bundle, and NBA 2K22 NBA 75th Anniversary Edition.

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