Operation Tango Hotfix Patch 1.03 Released – Update on June 5

Operation Tango Hotfix Patch 1.03 Released – Update on June 5

You want to know what the new patch for Operation Tango contains? We tell you which bugs have been fixed and what is improved in the game.

The new Operation Tango Update 1.03 can be downloaded and installed now, for all platforms. Unfortunately, we do not know the file size.


Operation Tango Update 1.03

  • Improved clarity of aligned stacks gameplay in mission 4
  • Fixed three achievements given too early
  • Fixed cinematics sometimes not playing for the hacker
  • Fixed case where hacker respawns far from their hierarchy while entering a node during a gameover
  • Fixed crash in mission 2 when hacking the panel on the 3rd floor
  • Fixed incorrect respawn position in mission 2
  • Fixed hacker freezing in transit when entering cameras in Mission 2
  • Fixed players not being able to finish Mission 4 by pressing the button simultaneously
  • Fixed access code from evidence room in mission 5 which sometimes did not work
  • Fixed problem in mission 6 caused by throwing an emp mine while getting detected
  • Fixed wrong translation in German which made defusing the bomb impossible in mission 6


Our information comes from the Steam database, right here. Operation Tango is currently available for free in the PS Shop until June 10.

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Written by: Carizma

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