Overwatch: „Assault“ will be the new PvE-Mission in the upcoming Update

Overwatch: „Assault“ will be the new PvE-Mission in the upcoming Update

Overwatch has released a new teaser and reveals which PvE mission is soon to gamble.

Blizzard has announced on Twitter the next mission for the “Archives” event. The task will be called “Assault” and will once again revolve around four heroes of the Overwatch team. Thus, the assumption that we can play Talon soon, probably lapses.

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This is revealed by the tweet: A nearly one-minute video is embedded in the tweet, which shows a transmission to Jack Morrison (Soldier: 76). He is informed that the search for Doomfist should be discontinued because Doomfist is “clean”. But you could track the money through his accountant Maximilien and grab Doomfist like that. For this purpose, a strike team is sent.

These heroes are played: The video also reveals which heroes are sent on this mission. Under the direction of Tracer, who has become a real leader since King’s Row, Winston, Genji and Mercy are also sent on this mission. That should be the four playable characters that can be played in the “standard” version of the PvE-Map.

What about the newspaper article? Currently, it looks as if the newspaper article from the past few days is only marginally connected with the mission. What’s exciting is that a much smaller area in the newspaper article has reported an approaching storm that soon lands on Havana. This fits perfectly with the mission name “Assault”. Apparently the mission takes place shortly before or even during this storm.

When does the event start? An appointment has already received “Overwatch: Assault”. The patch and the accompanying event will be released on April 16th. Then the players have 3 weeks, until May 6, to play this game mode in the “Archives”.

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