Planet Zoo Steam Update 1.6.1 Bug Fix Notes on June 24

Planet Zoo Steam Update 1.6.1  Bug Fix Notes on June 24

Frontier Developments today released a new update for Planet Zoo. See the full June 24th patch notes below.

The Planet Zoo Steam Update 1.6.1 is available now. In addition to the bug fixes, there are also improvements and changes.


Planet Zoo Patch Notes 1.6.1


  • Fixed an issue with the tennis ball enrichment item falling through terrain when travelling at high speeds
  • Fixed an issue with the bamboo feeder trapping animals and appearing to hover in the air when interacted with
  • Fixed an issue where the slow feeder showed up in the Meerkat’s toy research list in the zoopedia, despite the Meerkat not using it
  • Fixed an issue where animals would not pounce on enrichment items at the edge of their habitat
  • Fixed an issue where the female King Penguin’s head twisted whilst deep swimming
  • Fixed the Juvenile Meerkat not playing animations when interacting with termite mound
  • Fixed consistency issues with animal rotation during pouncing



  • Added missing flexicolour tags to heater and cooler habitat assets
  • Added missing Africa Pack animal tags to the shelter blueprints
  • Fixed an issue where Aquatic Pack shelters were missing from the shelters building category
  • Fixed an issue where advanced duplicating a selection in scenery group edit mode would add together its translation or rotation, causing bad scenery placement
  • Fixed a usability issue when deleting the habitat target of a webcam
  • NOTE: We are aware of the foliage/tree tags from update 1.6 being tagged for the Africa Pack and will be addressing this soon! 


Game Modes


  • Fixed the infinite guest cash toggle option in sandbox settings not working



  • Misc

    • Fixed issue where the value showing the capacity of the trade centre would get cut off in the Trade centre UI
    • Fixed a small number of UI issues and a crash occurring when a vista point’s target or the vista point itself is deleted through undo
    • Fixed the guest info panel saying their target is “Removed Destination” when the guest is navigating to a Vista Point
    • Fixed the Facility UI so it will now display the correct training level of staff members inside them


    • General Crash Fixes
  • Performance

    • General performance tweaks and optimisations

    Source: Steam

    Written by: Carizma

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