Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.02 Patch Notes – August 28

Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.02 Patch Notes – August 28

Illfonic today released the first second of Patch 2.0 for Predator: Hunting Grounds. We have the full changelog for this update on August 28.

The Predator: Hunting Grounds Update 2.02 can now be downloaded and installed for all platforms. The size of the download may vary depending on the platform.

With today’s Update new features and options are added, there are also optimizations and bug fixes (for the Predator and the Fireteam). In addition to the many adjustments, the O.W.L.F Pitbull Assault Rifle, Anti-Cloaking Impact Grenade and the UAV scanner will also be added.


Predator Hunting Grounds Patch Notes 2.02

Free Update #4

  • [NEW] O.W.L.F Pitbull Assault Rifle has been released and is unlockable for all players at Level 80
  • [NEW] Self-Revive Syrette (Level 25)
    • Single use gear item that revives yourself when downed. This gear item cannot be resupplied and is not affected by the “Gearhead” perk
  • [NEW] Anti-Cloaking Impact Grenade (A.C.I.G.) (Level 85)
    • The Anti Cloaking Impact Grenade is designed to disable and prevent Predator cloaking technology within the area of effect
  • [NEW] UAV Scanner (Level 43)
    • Handheld display used to call in locational U.A.V. scans. Enemies and Items are automatically spotted within your vicinity
  • [FREE] City Hunter Combistick Variant is now unlockable for all players at Level 42
  • [FREE] Wrist Launcher is now unlockable for all players at Level 60

New Unlockable Cosmetics

Weapon Skins

  • Remedy
    • Remedy Skin – 1011-12
    • Remedy Skin – 2XL
    • Remedy Skin – GrimTech19
    • Remedy Skin – ZR-55
    • Remedy Skin – 7-06
    • Remedy Skin – PDW-Z
    • Remedy Skin – CS-12
    • Remedy Skin – XDB-12
    • Remedy Skin – DJL-33
    • Remedy Skin – AR-W
    • Remedy Skin – QR-4
    • Remedy Skin – GOSL-R
    • Remedy Skin – G-ROW
    • Remedy Skin – 7EN
    • Remedy Skin – SAWZ-50
    • Remedy Skin – ABR-Z
    • Remedy Skin – RP-103
    • Remedy Skin – S-RED
    • Remedy Skin – D34-D
    • Remedy Skin – HammerHead
  • Maim
    • Maim Skin – 1011-12
    • Maim Skin – 2XL
    • Maim Skin – GrimTech19
    • Maim Skin – ZR-55
    • Maim Skin – 7-06
    • Maim Skin – PDW-Z
    • Maim Skin – CS-12
    • Maim Skin – XDB-12
    • Maim Skin – DJL-33
    • Maim Skin – AR-W
    • Maim Skin – QR-4
    • Maim Skin – GOSL-R
    • Maim Skin – G-ROW
    • Maim Skin – 7EN
    • Maim Skin – SAWZ-50
    • Maim Skin – ABR-Z
    • Maim Skin – RP-103
    • Maim Skin – S-RED
    • Maim Skin – D34-D
    • Maim Skin – HammerHead
  • Coup
    • Coup Skin – 1011-12
    • Coup Skin – 2XL
    • Coup Skin – GrimTech19
    • Coup Skin – ZR-55
    • Coup Skin – 7-06
    • Coup Skin – PDW-Z
    • Coup Skin – CS-12
    • Coup Skin – XDB-12
    • Coup Skin – DJL-33
    • Coup Skin – AR-W
    • Coup Skin – QR-4
    • Coup Skin – GOSL-R
    • Coup Skin – G-ROW
    • Coup Skin – 7EN
    • Coup Skin – SAWZ-50
    • Coup Skin – ABR-Z
    • Coup Skin – RP-103
    • Coup Skin – S-RED
    • Coup Skin – D34-D
    • Coup Skin – HammerHead
  • OWLF Pitbull
    • Green Skin – OWLF Pitbull
    • Tan Skin – OWLF Pitbull
    • Blue Skin -OWLF Pitbull
    • Brown Skin – OWLF Pitbull
    • Gray Skin – OWLF Pitbull
    • Woodland Skin -OWLF Pitbull
    • Desert Skin – OWLF Pitbull
    • Green Tiger Skin – OWLF Pitbull
    • Sandstorm Skin – OWLF Pitbull
    • Digital Skin Skin – OWLF Pitbull
    • Green Shatter Skin – OWLF Pitbull
    • Red Tiger Skin – OWLF Pitbull
    • Charcoal Skin – OWLF Pitbull
    • Blue Viper Skin – OWLF Pitbull
    • Neon Skin – OWLF Pitbull
    • Green Hexagon Skin – OWLF Pitbull
    • Silver Skin – OWLF Pitbull
    • Golden Skin – OWLF Pitbull
    • Kraken Skin – OWLF Pitbull
    • Viridian Skin – OWLF Pitbull
    • Aurora Skin – OWLF Pitbull
    • Royal Skin – OWLF Pitbull
    • Decoy Skin – OWLF Pitbull
    • Ruin Skin – OWLF Pitbull
    • Harm Skin – OWLF Pitbull

Predator Skin Pattern Tints

  • Predator Pattern Class Pattern Tint
    • Predator Scout Skin Pattern Grave Tint
    • Predator Hunter Skin Pattern Grave Tint
    • Predator Berserker Skin Pattern Grave Tint
    • Predator Scout Skin Pattern Bruise Tint
    • Predator Hunter Skin Pattern Bruise Tint
    • Predator Berserker Skin Pattern Bruise Tint
    • Predator Scout Skin Pattern Tension Tint
    • Predator Hunter Skin Pattern Tension Tint
    • Predator Berserker Skin Pattern Tension Tint
  • Alpha Skin Pattern Tints
    • Alpha Skin Pattern Cell Tint
    • Alpha Skin Pattern Grave Tint
    • Alpha Skin Pattern Blood Tint
    • Alpha Skin Pattern Bruise Tint
    • Alpha Skin Pattern Smash Tint
    • Alpha Skin Pattern Tension Tint
    • Alpha Skin Pattern Buried Tint
    • Alpha Skin Pattern Nuke Tint
    • Alpha Skin Pattern Menace Tint
  • CH90 Skin Pattern Classic
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Pebbles Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Lavender Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Crimson Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Swamp Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Blood Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Bruise Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Default
    • CH90 Skin Pattern PulseTint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Seafoam Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Brush Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Ivy Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Cell Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Grave Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Gator
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Aquatic Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Parched Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Moss Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Smash Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Tension Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Mottle
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Marsh Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Chestnut Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Twilight Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Buried Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Raptor
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Sand Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Fierce Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Algae Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Hydra Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Nuke Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Shatter
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Fracture Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Lush Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Cinnamon Tint
    • CH90 Skin Pattern Menace Tint
  • JH87 Skin Pattern
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Wasteland Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Undergrowth Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Badland Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Quagmire Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Classic
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Pebbles Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Lavender Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Crimson Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Swamp Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Blood Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Bruise Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Default
    • JH87 Skin Pattern PulseTint
    • JH87 H90 Skin Pattern Seafoam Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Brush Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Ivy Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Cell Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Grave Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Gator
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Aquatic Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Parched Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Moss Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Smash Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Tension Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Mottle
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Marsh Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Chestnut Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Twilight Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Buried Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Raptor
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Sand Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Fierce Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Algae Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Hydra Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Nuke Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Shatter
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Fracture Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Lush Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Cinnamon Tint
    • JH87 Skin Pattern Menace Tint
  • Elder Skin Pattern
    • Elder Skin Pattern Ancient Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Relic Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Primeval Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Stoic Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Classic
    • Elder Skin Pattern Pebbles Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Lavender Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Crimson Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Swamp Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Blood Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Bruise Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Default
    • Elder Skin Pattern PulseTint
    • Elder H90 Skin Pattern Seafoam Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Brush Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Ivy Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern PS Exclusive Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Epic Exclusive Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Cell Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Grave Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Gator
    • Elder Skin Pattern Aquatic Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Parched Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Moss Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Smash Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Tension Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Mottle
    • Elder Skin Pattern Marsh Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Chestnut Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Twilight Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Buried Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Raptor
    • Elder Skin Pattern Sand Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Fierce Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Algae Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Hydra Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Nuke Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Shatter
    • Elder Skin Pattern Fracture Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Lush Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Cinnamon Tint
    • Elder Skin Pattern Menace Tint
  • Samurai Skin Patterns
    • Samurai Skin Pattern Cell Tint
    • Samurai Skin Pattern Blood Tint
    • Samurai Skin Pattern Smash Tint
    • Samurai Skin Pattern Buried Tint
    • Samurai Skin Pattern Nuke Tint
    • Samurai Skin Pattern Menace Tint
    • Samurai Skin Pattern Grave Tint
    • Samurai Skin Pattern Bruise Tint
    • Samurai Skin Pattern Tension Tint

Predator Masks and Mask Tints

  • Ravager Mask
    • Ravager Vanadium Tint
    • Ravager Crimson Tint
    • Ravager Olive Tint
    • Ravager Sage Tint
    • Ravager Systemic Tint
    • Ravager Apostle Tint
    • Ravager Marine Tint
    • Ravager Obsidian Tint
    • Ravager Platinum Tint
    • Ravager Golden Tint
    • Ravager Bronze Tint
  • Arthos Mask
    • Arthos Vanadium Tint
    • Arthos Crimson Tint
    • Arthos Olive Tint
    • Arthos Sage Tint
    • Arthos Systemic Tint
    • Arthos Apostle Tint
    • Arthos Marine Tint
    • Arthos Obsidian Tint
    • Arthos Platinum Tint
    • Arthos Golden Tint
    • Arthos Bronze Tint
  • Vex Mask
    • Vex Vanadium Tint
    • Vex Crimson Tint
    • Vex Olive Tint
    • Vex Sage Tint
    • Vex Systemic Tint
    • Vex Apostle Tint
    • Vex Marine Tint
    • Vex Obsidian Tint
    • Vex Platinum Tint
    • Vex Golden Tint
    • Vex Bronze Tint

Fireteam Head Gear and Head Gear tints

  • Reaper Ballistic Mask
    • Reaper Ballistic Mask Swamp
    • Reaper Ballistic Mask Snowblind
    • Reaper Ballistic Mask Deepwoods
    • Reaper Ballistic Mask Bloodred

Fireteam Facepaint

  • Poncho


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  1. Michael Goosens September 3, 2020 | Reply

    Crashing for me as well. For over 24hrs. Whats worse is i bought dlc and now i cant even use it!

  2. Christopher September 3, 2020 | Reply

    Same as everyone else…..Game loads to the main menu, but I can’t click on anything and then crashes 5 seconds later.
    Fatal error!

    Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000074

    0x00007ff761933821 SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
    0x00007ff76193377c SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
    0x00007ff76186e7b5 SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
    0x00007ff76186e85b SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
    0x00007ff761898e7f SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
    0x00007ff7619b221d SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
    0x00007ff761b61efa SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
    0x00007ff761c84ab6 SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
    0x00007ff762889e34 SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
    0x00007ff76172fdee SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
    0x00007ff76128fe4d SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
    0x00007ff762e42b5c SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
    0x00007ff762e7b97a SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
    0x00007ff762ab413b SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
    0x00007ff76164afe6 SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
    0x00007ff761237799 SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
    0x00007ff76123ebec SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
    0x00007ff76123ec4a SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
    0x00007ff761247919 SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
    0x00007ff763784f62 SpaceFish.exe!UnknownFunction []
    0x00007ff970e37bd4 KERNEL32.DLL!UnknownFunction []
    0x00007ff9721cce51 ntdll.dll!UnknownFunction []

  3. Crunchynipples September 2, 2020 | Reply

    It’s awful when you spend so much money on a game and then you have 3 days in a row where you cannot play the game. Constant blue screens and crashing at main menu, and no one from the company replying to your questions.
    Very disappointed as I really wanna play!

  4. Renard Shaw September 2, 2020 | Reply

    Just tried a game of predator since the load times are under 5 minutes and then it crashed! It crashed as I loaded the game, it crashed as I selected any of the options and it even crashed in the main menu. So I sat there thinking maybe if I do nothing it won’t crash, nope it crash just sitting on the “press X” part. I deleted and redownloaded the game also and still crashed. I look online to see if there anything common going around and nothing, pretty pissed rn. Been a couple of days so maybe by end of next we I can play again.

  5. michael September 1, 2020 | Reply

    Game crashes during main menu

  6. SmuchiieBuchie August 30, 2020 | Reply

    We are also having same issue. I even tried to chat with someone online and was not able to connect with anyone. I was able to play other games so it is not an issue with the console. I even tried their FAQ solution and it doesn’t work. I wish they had a way for us to delete just the latest update and keep playing until it is fixed.

  7. Michael August 29, 2020 | Reply

    I’ve been having a error show up and closes out my game app every time i’ve tried to play. After downloading 2.02 version of Predator Hunting Grounds. I have tried to delete and reinstall the game. But obviously it is an issue with the update. I’ve had crashing issues during play but, never had one were it crashes on the menu. I do hope they are working diligently on it. And To correct this issue. I’m also upset that with all the errors sent over the past near 3 days. I haven’t heard anything about where the issues are being worked or if these even knowledge of said issue. Thank you for your time

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