Resident Evil 3 Remake Trophies Revealed

The Resident Evil 3 remake PS4 trophies are now revealed! So if you want to know what to expect soon, read on. Otherwise you should stop here so that you don’t take the fun out!

A total of 33 Resident Evil 3 remake trophies have been revealed, some of which are still secret.

We can see that there will also be some collectables (story documents) and it may be that we have to find some safe codes and number combinations. Because that tells us the trophy “Open Sesame”.

As soon as Resident Evil 3 remake is released, we will support you with a 100% Trophy Guide!


Resident Evil 3 Remake Trophies List

  • Farewell Raccoon
    Obtain all trophies.

  • Sensational 
    Complete the game with S-Rank.

  • Let It Go 
    Nemesis to abandon an object.

  • The Power of Gems 
    (Silver Place) all the gems in the metro station clock.

  • The Flower with Fuses 
    Collect all the fuses in the hangar in less than 5 minutes.

  • G.I. Jill 
    Complete the game in “Hardcore” mode or higher.

  • Pandora’s Box 
    Complete the game without opening the item chest.

  • Double Cut 
    Defeat two enemies with a single shot.

  • All Seen, All Read 
    Read all Story Documents.

  • Open Sesame 
    Open all safes, lockers, and locks.

  • Tonic Jill 
    Complete the game in “Normal” mode or higher.

  • You’re Not Bad! 
    Complete the game without using more than one healing item.

  • Parked in Double File 
    Complete the game in less than 2 hours.

  • Hard awakening 
    Escape from Jill’s building.

  • Go ahead, in the metro 
    Escape from the residential area of Raccoon City.

  • Change of scenery 
    Leave downtown Raccoon City.

  • A Little Space 
    Increase the inventory capacity.

  • Backfire 
    Defeat Nemesis on the roof.

  • Emergency Call 
    Leave the police station.

  • Breaking Brad 
    Kill Brad.

  • don’t know what I have 
    Leave the square of the clock tower.

  • Near the Danger 
    Follow Nicholai into the depths of the installation.

  • Nemesis, the Return 
    Defeat Nemesis in its 2nd form.

  • Nemesis, the return of revival 
    Defeat Nemesis in its 3rd form.

  • Fuuusion! 
    Make an item.

  • Is it approved? 
    Upgrade a weapon.

  • Saturated Emergencies 
    Resist the horde of zombies.

  • Hello Charlie! 
    Destroy a Charlie Figurine.

  • Traveling Arsenal 
    Obtain all available weapons in the campaign.

  • Hidden Trophy

  • Hidden Trophy

  • Hidden Trophy

  • Hidden Trophy

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