Risk of Rain 2 Steam Update – Patch Notes on April 12

Risk of Rain 2 Steam Update – Patch Notes on April 12

The developers at Hopoo Games have released the n ew update for Risk of Rain 2. Below are the full patch notes from April 12

The Risk of Rain Update is now available for download for PC. We don’t know at the moment whether it is a pure PC update or whether it will also appear for PS4 and Xbox One.


Risk of Rain Patch Notes

Quality of Life

Cleansing Pool

  • Irradiant Pearl Chance: 4% ⇒ 20%
  • Can no longer be pinged to reveal its contents

• Resonance Disc

  • Charge Buff Duration: 5s ⇒ 7s
  • Updated Logbook description for more detailed explanation

• Power Mode

  • Armor Buff: 200 armor (66% damage reduction) ⇒ 100 armor (50% damage damage reduction)
  • Developer Notes: Power Mode is gated behind a difficult challenge, but its current iteration is a bit too insane. Players should be motivated to leave Power Mode every now-and-then, and this is a safe way to make it less powerful while still keeping it fun.

Updated Bandit: B&E and Captain: Smushed challenges to have a short window of leniency


  • Update the rescue ship’s charging zone to be infinitely tall, i.e you can charge it while floating above
  • Update escape portals from the final boss arena to be more portal-looking


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash during the last boss fight
  • Fixed MUL-T not properly stopping its second primary in all cases when exiting Power Mode
  • Fixed MUL-T’s Scrap Launcher not resetting its cooldown timer on firing, making it reload much faster
  • Fixed MUL-T’s Power Saw behaving strangely with Power Mode, making it fire much slower
  • Fixed stray nodes causing lockboxes to spawn midair on the final stage
  • Fixed Bandit’s alternate skin not properly masking limbs for items
  • Fixed Bandit’s secondary palette on character select not reflecting actual coloration
  • Fixed Planula’s material not becoming invisible
  • Fixed some incorrect icons displayed for pings/Radar Scanner
  • Fixed Old Guillotine’s behavior for enemies with shields or barrier
  • Fixed some typos in the logbook
  • Fixed some typos in survivor skills
  • Fixed Frost Relic applying its slow debuff even when inactive
  • Fixed repeated jumping animations not being able to interrupt themselves
  • Fixed Lunar Chimera (Exploder)’s icon changing with texture resolutions
  • Fixed the stat screen’s pickups discovered category using achievements completed instead for its value
  • Fixed Cleansing Pools not rerolling on purchase
  • Fixed AI sometimes seeing you while stealthed
  • Fixed Deskplant and Mini Mushrum’s healing wards sometimes appearing underground
  • Fixed the secret survivor dying instantly if she got the Perfected elite buff
  • Fixed the tracking for the Mercenary: Flash of Blades challenge
  • Fixed Loader’s Thunder Slam not working in conjunction with H3AD-ST
  • Fixed Titans not showing their map-unique skins
  • Fixed The Crowdfunder not working on characters without the display (i.e Heretic)
  • Fixed Milky Chrysalis not working on characters without the display (i.e Heretic)
  • Updated outdated icons for Lunar Chimaera, friendly Beetle Guards, and achievements
  • Updated item display on Bandit and Captain to properly display all items
  • Updated Altered Siren’s Call very slightly to prevent clipping under certain terrain
  • Updated Wetland Aspect with a geyser to prevent a softlock in Wetlands Aspect
  • Updated some textures to better wrap on lower resolutions
  • Updated Bandit with idle breathing animations
  • Updated Magma Worm’s movement speed to be more consistent


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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