Saints Row: Lars Wingefor Disappointed To See Fans Not Happy

Saints Row: Lars Wingefor Disappointed To See Fans Not Happy

Saints Row: During the company’s annual general meeting,  Embracer CEO Lars’s responses to questions were not unexpected considering the reaction from fans. According to Video Games Chronicle’s transcription, Wingefors stated that he had initially hoped to see “a larger reception” for the game. Several video game studios and publishers are owned by the multinational conglomerate Embracer Group. It includes Deep Silver Volition, the team behind the most recent Saints Row game.


Saints Row failed to receive a Metacritic score


At best, there has been a split opinion about Saints Row. It failed to receive a Metacritic score of 70 on any of the platforms it was made available on, and it doesn’t appear that the general public is enjoying it anymore. Since the game’s debut, there have been numerous videos online showcasing serious graphic faults. Both the fighting and exploration aspects have drawn harsh criticism. The game received a 4/10 rating from Dualshockers, which said it had “boring gameplay that lacks any complexity.”


The CEO was saddened to see other supporters upset.


Wingefors called the response “very polarized”. Saying that although he is thrilled to see some fans enjoying, he is sad to see other supporters upset. He said it’s too early to comment extensively on the game’s financial success and that he must wait until the quarterly report is released in November.


The Bottomline


Wingefors did say, though, that he is confident the game will generate a return on investment. It means that Embracer will generate income over and beyond the amount invested in its development. He states that they won’t make as much money as they have “seen in many other games,” but he thinks breaking even is a fine place to start.


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