Snowrunner Patch Notes 1.09 – Imandra Update on September 9

Snowrunner Patch Notes 1.09 – Imandra  Update on September 9

Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive released a the Imandra update for Snowrunner today. Below are the full patch notes for this patch on September 9.

The Snowrunner Update 1.09 can now be downloaded and installed. Today’s update implements new Imandra content and there are also bug fixes and optimizations.


Snowrunner Patch Notes 1.09

New Content:

  • [DLC] New map in Kola peninsula region – Imandra
  • [DLC] New vehicle – TUZ 108 Warthog
  • [DLC] New vehicle skin for TUZ 166
  • [DLC] New Wide Flatbed Semi-Trailer
  • [DLC] New mission addon – Metal Detector
  • [DLC] Exclusive Bobblehead – Doggy
  • New Activity: Trial maps (Ride-on King & Lost in The – Wilderness) with exclusive completion rewards (bobbleheads Joker and Masha)
  • Added interior customization (all platforms) & interior customization modding (for PC):
    • Accessories
    • Bobbleheads
    • Stickers
  • Added new contracts for Michigan region


  • All scout vehicles except for the TUZ 420 – Tatarin now have a crane socket on the roof
  • Can now view owned trucks’ location in the player profile
  • Can now restart tasks and contracts in co-op
  • Improved dirt particles shading
  • Added active suspension for Derry Longhorn 3194
  • Small tweaks for Freightliner m916a1 steering
  • Improved steering angle for Western Star 6900 TwinSteer

Bug Fixes:

  • Owned trucks counter in the trucks store is now properly displayed
  • Fixed a bug with one of containers missing in the “Containers in the river” task
  • Fixed exhaust pipe model for Cat 745C
  • Repair crates on Khan Marshall are now properly removed when used
  • Fixed snorkel for Azov Antarctic
  • Fixed a problem when players were unable to change bindings for the winch pull
  • Tweaked front wheels positioning for Voron Grad, Voron D-53233 and Tayga 6436
  • Fixed a bug when physics was disabled for objects that are far from the player (caused cargo falling through trailers, objects stuck in an unrealistic position)
  • Fixed wheels falling through rocks in some cases
  • Fixed snorkel for Royal BM17
  • Kolob 74941 – fixed rpm arrow and sun visor clipping
  • Fixed a bug when deleting custom scenarios save slot did not properly delete player save data
  • Fixed a bug when some vehicles had different purchase/sales prices
  • Fixed snow flickering on railroads
  • Fixed a bug when some objects on a map were flying away when player drove nearby
  • Fixed a bug when available truck info on a global map was incorrect for some players

Steering Wheels & Peripherals

  • Supported option for input hints display (only wheel/any active input)
  • Supported camera controls with the d-pad on Logitech G920/G29


  • Thrustmaster T150, T-GT, TX support
  • Improved performance while driving on breakable ice on PS4
  • Improved draw distance for rocks


  • Can now play co-op with modded trucks:
    • When a client joins to host with mods, all host mods are automatically downloaded
    • A player can switch matchmaking settings between the base game and modded version
  • Supported ability to add custom-made assets to the maps
  • Added support of gameplay zones set up (garages, tasks, contracts, etc.)
  • Added reference maps to the editor pak
  • Custom map data from the editor will now be updated automatically when players go to the main menu without the need to re-launch the game client
  • Moved to latest SDK, which improved mod download speed
  • Added broken vehicle to both polygons so modders can easily test repair addons


Source: Focus

Written by: Carizma

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