Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Patch Notes 1.03 – Update on November 20

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Patch Notes 1.03 – Update on November 20

Respawn Entertainment has released a new update for Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. We have the full patch notes for this update.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Update 1.03 can now be downloaded for all platforms. You have to download 143 MB on the PS4, the size of the PC and Xbox Donload are not known to us.


Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Update 1.03 Patch Notes

  • We’ve fixed a texture flickering issue that would display on the screen while driving the AT-AT on Kashyyyk

  • Sometimes the input from the arrow keys would fail to respond within menus, this has now been fixed.

  • Dynamic resolution settings will now save properly.

  • Fixed an issued where the game could become slow and loading times longer than expected.

Written by: Carizma

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  1. Hawkzy November 29, 2019 | Reply

    A wave based arena like the one in the bounty mission and ng+ this game would be 10/10!

  2. Triston November 22, 2019 | Reply

    I was playing the game and just got off the shit at the new planet and the game glitches and shows like checker boxes on my screen. It blink on and then went black for a few brief seconds till I decided to just unplug my system. How do I fix this if it happens again? I just bought the game and a new ps4 pro.

  3. Maxim Maes November 21, 2019 | Reply

    Anything on bounty hunters not spawning? Finished the game and 100% completed all planets and never came across 1(except for the one that brings you to the underground prison)

  4. Lewis November 21, 2019 | Reply

    The game wouldn’t work with a new game plus
    Just like uncharted

    • Tobias November 21, 2019 | Reply

      There is no new game plus

  5. Wayne November 20, 2019 | Reply

    Still low fps. Any updates?

  6. Spankinbootys November 20, 2019 | Reply

    Ng+ should be an option given the cost of the game and not a reflection of a person having “problems” John. What a clown

    • Hawkzy November 21, 2019 | Reply

      @spankinbootys Haha ikr, not a bright one

  7. Ant city November 20, 2019 | Reply

    I agree ng+ and this game is a 10

  8. Dude November 20, 2019 | Reply

    F*** me give it time. The game’s been out 5 days.

    • Jakub Kudlacz November 21, 2019 | Reply

      Lol, yeah why would we expect fully working game on release day, blasphemy. If all goes well by this time next year most bugs will get patched. On serious note, game is fun but please patch faster.

  9. GeoSkan November 20, 2019 | Reply

    Still no NG+ Kind of disappointing…

    • Hawkzy November 20, 2019 | Reply

      Yeah we are all hoping for ng+

    • John November 20, 2019 | Reply

      If you’re asking for a new game plus mode five days after release, you probably have bigger things to worry about. Try going outside?

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