Super Mario Bros. Official Trailer Out Now

Super Mario Bros. Official Trailer Out Now

Super Mario Bros. had already attained their first sneak peak at the upcoming movie. The movie trailer is now available, showcasing a confused Mario, his brother Luigi, Mario’s nemesis Bowser, and other fan-favorite protagonists. Furthermore, the big announcement here is having heard Chriss Pratt as Mario’s voice actor.

Super Mario Bros. Movie Teaser

The preview begins with Bowser and Kamek trying to invade a ferocious penguin empire. In another scene, Mario is approached by Toad after being shot out of a warp pipe into the Mushroom Kingdom. Eventually, Luigi is seen fleeing a swarm of Dry Bones.


The Super Mario Bros.  film had been in the works over several years. The well-known voice actor character was officially confirmed last September, together with a December 2022 official release date that has been pushed back.


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