Tekken 7 Update 2.30 Patch Notes

Tekken 7 Update 2.30 Patch Notes

Tekken 7 has received the update 2.30 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. We have the patch notes for this update, including changes to the combat balance.

Bandai Namco today released an update for Tekken 7, which includes some bug fixes and character balance adjustments. Among other things, changes were made to King, Bob, Eddie, Anna and Geese.


Tekken 7 Patch Notes 2.30


  • Fixed unintended throw when hittin airborne opponent



  • Fixed damage varying depending on input timing



  • Increased recovers of first attack by 3f (from -9 to -12 on block, from +2 to -1 on hti).
    Depending on input timing, the second attack would gain unintended homing capabilities.



  • Status during transition into Chaos Judgment stance changed from Airborne to Standing.


Written by: Carizma

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