The Surge 2: First Ten Minutes, Character Editor and Fights in Gameplay Videos

Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 release the action role-playing game “The Surge 2” on September 24, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Already today, new gameplay videos were presented on the PC version, we get an insight into the first ten minutes of the game and the character editor.

In The Surge 2, you’ll once again be offered some hard-fought battles with a unique, dynamic limb-targeting system, a tactical component. In addition, you can expect a deep character development, so you can strengthen your own style of play.

You will also travel to a sprawling, devastated city where you can explore many different areas. Of course, once again some enemies will roam the streets and buildings to make survival as difficult as possible. A variety of weapons, implants, drones and abilities complete the package.


The Surge 2 - Gameplay Videos

The Surge 2 - Preview - The First 10 Minutes


The Surge 2 - Preview - Character creation


The Surge 2 - Preview - Discovering Jericho


Written by: J.P.

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