Torchlight III Update Patch Notes on August 12

Torchlight III Update Patch Notes on August 12

Echtra Inc. and Perfect World Entertainment have released a new update for Torchlight III. The game is in the early access phase, below you will find the patch notes for this update on August 12th.

Torchlight 3 Build 5387675 is now available for download on Steam. This patch fixes many bugs and makes some changes.


Torchlight III Patch Notes on 8/12/2020


  • Changed the normal monster tether distance to 35 meters (champion monsters are unchanged).
  • Enabled the names of the immunities that monsters in “Status: Immune” get, to make it easier to tell that they have them.
  • Slightly expanded the Larger Monster Collision Cylinders.
  • Fixed some cases when monsters that are supposed to spawn from trapped breakables fail to do so.
  • Fixed divided monsters spawning at level 1.
  • Set all the monsters that spawn into one of the mapworks boss arena areas to not spawn loot.
  • Set all the mapworks minibosses to trigger monster spawns as adds on spawn and at 50% health.
  • Challenge levels now add movement speed to monsters starting at Challenge 15.
  • Bosses have more health in Hard, Painful and Ridiculous difficulty across the game.
  • Fixed an issue with the element icons not appearing correctly on non-fire monsters.
  • Set the normal (non-mapworks) version of the Stormbringer affix to only be valid for solo champions, not packs.
  • Removed some of the climb up spawners to reduce the number of enemies on screen.
  • Fixed champions not spawning in certain cases.
  • Fixed a root cause of monsters returning to their idle/move blend after death.
  • Fixed some skeletons spawning as if impaled when not against a wall, instead of dropping from above.
  • Fixed skeletons dropping out of the sky instead of climbing down from being impaled onto walls.
  • Removed boss kill celebrations for Sadista, Brall, and Odrak.
  • Fixed editor skillshape appearing in-game for Shadowbeast (and minibosses, like Grundlepox) teleport slam skill.
  • Fixed a visible skill shape for the Netherim Heralds.
  • Fix to resolve Mimic Chests jumping through players during bite attack.
  • Fixed an issue with Thunder Thighs boss fight having spurious blob shadows.
  • Mossrats can now climb up when spawning.
  • Fixed Sadista skill shape not being set to hidden in game.
  • Netherim movement speed matches feet.
  • Adjusted Automoton’s Base collision and adjusted blend to reduce steps taken when nearing a player or pet.
  • Increased monster move and attack speed on Painful difficulty from +20% to +25% and from +40% to +50% at Ridiculous.
  • Added an increase in monster move and attack speed on Hard difficulty of +10%.
  • Decreased the amount of damage that players deal to normal and champion monsters on Ridiculous difficulty from 35% to 30%, decreased the amount of damage that players deal to bosses on Ridiculous difficulty from 75% to 70%.
  • Reduced the amount of damage that bosses take from players on Ridiculous from 70% to 50% and on Painful from 80% to 60% to make bosses feel like more of a proper challenge at those difficulties.
  • Reduced the normal monster health at these difficulties (no change to other difficulties) so that their values increase greater than at normal difficulty, but not as dramatically as before.
  • Champions and Bosses now get the difficulty bonuses to movement speed.
  • Reunited Skullotar with his companion Jagwar.
  • Fixed Netherim Brute and Netherim Spellbreaker type bosses that were failing to spawn. This also expands the variety of spawn types that these monsters can use, which will lead to them being able to spawn in more levels, potentially with some visible clipping for now, but the increase in variety is preferred.
  • Increased the size and damage of the following spider bosses: Aragoth, Bitey, Shockweb, Smoulderfang, Sparkles, Virulent Vernon
  • Set it so that only stabby goblin raiders can spawn from trapped breakables in the Occupied Trevail Point.
  • Added missing drop and emerge spawn skills to the various stabby goblins, added missing emerge spawn skill to the various shooty goblins.
  • Resolved an issue where Duggle Bug in Sour Grove Mapworks didn’t have add on monsters.
  • Fixed Kronch to have a missing spawn skill that he needed to spawn reliably.
  • Added a couple of missing spawn skills for the netherling and netherim herald.
  • Fixed missing boss spawner for Brall.
  • Skeleton Melee, Shield and Ranged now have climb up spawns for holes, cliffs, tubes etc.
  • Added Runout slayer armored skeletons to fight.
  • Set witches to spawn into undead Challenge Dungeons.
  • Made one of the mapworks dungeon areas longer, with more active spawners to provide you with more opportunities to get enough monsters to kill in it. Increased the likelihood that spiders will be picked to spawn compared to other monsters, so that they are more available in mapworks dungeons.
  • Fixed the skeletons’ lying-in-wait (mimic) spawns so that they are valid for all of the story areas that have skeletons and in skeleton/undead mapworks dungeons.
  • Reduced Hyvid Soldier damage (and corresponding experience value).
  • Swapped out Hyvid Soldiers in mapworks for Hyvid Drones.
  • Swapped Goblin Blasters in goblin mapworks populations, instead of Goblin Gunners.
  • Added Goblin Riders to some goblin mapworks populations.
  • Fixed Bitey mapworks boss not spawning.
  • Set Yapper to give enough XP to get you to level 2.
  • Fixed issue where mossrats of unusual size tails were breaking on low end machines.
  • Fixed an issue with Boss “Overcharger” in the Assembly Line level appearing a long way from his boss chest.
  • Fixed issue with Sadista’s health bar does not deplete when the boss takes damage.
  • Sadista pistol and glaive run now matches slower boss fight speed.
  • Vespid Guardians can’t move to target when buffing any more. Range increased to 600, but beyond that they cannot buff. They will always pursue and attack the player, and buff only something in range if there is one.
  • Fixed some Infernal Warrior spawn and death skill problems.
  • Singedwing the Scavenger and Scrappy Surgewing can no longer self-destruct if charged up by a Charging Coil.
  • Adjusted cooldown of Automaton Sentries from being able to get stunned by pets.
  • Adjusted the “skittles” boss to now spawn adds at some point in the boss fight.
  • Stone Elemental now dies as authored (not rotated).
  • Decreased the time between Gravity Well pulses, which makes it impact players more.
  • Reduced the chance that monsters in Challenge Dungeons have Blazing, Stormbringer or Nether Well from 40% to 30%.
  • Shocked vs player now disables a random skill slot for 5 seconds. ; This also affects the Endless Dungeon Shackled affix, which has been altered to also be themed as Shocked, using the same visuals for the slot disabling.
  • Tuned how often certain affixes were picked for random champions to be more balanced.
  • Fixed Critical Hits vs. Slowed monsters affix to apply against monsters that are slowed, not feared.


See the notes in the previous post for detailed changes and information about the new Relic Subclass update.

  • Changed Relic items to a third skill tree that shares skill points with the other two class skill trees.
  • Changed Relics to be chosen from Character Create, removing the leveling system from Relics.
  • Retuned all skills and tiers for all Relics.
  • Added new passive and active skills to all Relics.
  • Added Relic Energy.
  • Disabled all Relic skills while in the ‘lobby’ leading up to the boss arenas.
  • Added item affixes that give bonus level and bonus damage to the new Relic skills.



  • Potential fix for an issue where items cannot be sent to the pet even though it has fully returned from town/fleeing.
  • Fixed an issue where the list of the available skills remains opened while changing tabs of the Skills panel, which allows the player to assign pet skills to the character’s skill bar.
  • Fixed the new pets not dropping.
  • Fixed the new pets all being legendary quality.
  • Fixed the new pets all getting common quality skills
  • Fixed an issue where the player is able to play without a pet upon closing the prompt regarding a full pet shelter while creating a new character.
  • Fixed missing display name for common pets listed in pet shelter.
  • Fixed an issue where Enchantment slots in Pet Tag are locked after a Tag was equipped.
  • Restructured minion spawning so that the exclusive to end game pets can spawn only at the level cap.
  • Fixed the Screeching Stun pet skill to stun enemies within melee range.
  • Fixed pets slotted with Immobilizing Strike and/or Vampirism skills attacking invisible targets when not in combat.
  • Adjusted all pets transition from running to standing to make them smoother.
  • Fixed several issues with basic pet skills (get hit, knockback, active skill use) and animations.



  • Increased the amount of XP it takes to level from level 5+, increasing more at level 40, then significantly from level 46 on.
  • Fixed an issue where skills that changed their icons dynamically during gameplay would not show on the skill bar.
  • Bonus Shock Bolts is now a standalone trait, which has a cap of 6. Shocked Status and Electrode skills that refer to Shocked now refer to this trait.
  • Added in tier 3 milestone for Railmaster Shocking Rounds.
  • Power Projection legendary bonus redesigned. Now hits all nearby enemies 5 times rapidly rather than a random enemy for the entire duration of the buff.
    Dusk Mage
  • Fixed an issue where the Digitus spectral hand would appear twice on repeat attacks.
  • Dusk Mage staff mobility frame ranges now match and blend cleanly when using a controller.
  • Partially fixed an issue with name tags not appearing on some Sharpshooter skills.
  • Fix for Sharpshooter basic attack firing extra arrow (work in progress).
  • Fixed issue with Heat meter being stuck on high.
  • Fixed an issue where Rapid Fire’s buff stacks wouldn’t refresh its timer at 10 stacks before the first bonus tier was unlocked.
  • Fixed Poison Dart tier 1 milestone to properly function again.
  • Cyclone skill is once again ‘spin-to-win’ and will now move forward when looping. The forward movement feels too slow though, we’ll review.
  • Fixing issue where two forged synergies were the same.
  • Forged Treads now move when walking using a controller.
  • All of the new Forged abilities now have slot progression support for snake tail and all mobility types.
  • Updated to a new skill shape for the Forged Power Projection heal.
  • Fixing Bashing Charge, AKA Ramming Robot, on Forged Treads and Ball. Enabled Root motion and adjusted frame range sections


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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