UFC 4 Update 5.00 is out – Patch Notes on November 19

UFC 4 Update 5.00 is out – Patch Notes on November 19

EA has released Update 5.00 for UFC 4 today – We have all the information about the Patch on November 19.

The EA UFC 4 Update 5.00 can now be downloaded for all platforms. In total you have to download around 3,18 GB, depending on the platform.

Today’s update brings new content! Look forward to two new fighters, new items and more!


UFC 4 Patch Notes 5.00

Major Updates:

  • Added 2 new fighters Khamzat Chimaev and Megan Anderson.
  • Added new items to Create a Fighter which include new hairstyles and clothing items.
  • Various fighter likeness updates. Aljamain Sterling, Michael Chiesa, Max Holloway, Tim Elliott, Colby Covington, and Germaine de Randamie all have been updated.
    • Aljamain Sterling – updated hair and beard.
    • Michael Chiesa – updated beard and body.
    • Max Holloway – updated hair and beard.
    • Jan Blachowicz – updated shorts.
    • Tim Elliot – updated hair and beard.
    • Germaine de Randamie – updated body.
    • Colby Covington – updated body.

Gameplay Updates

  • Increased permanent stamina tax on long combos. The third strike and the ones beyond will cost slightly more.
  • Fixed a bug with slip counters stopping power. 
  • Applied evasion tax from blocking slips, at 75% of the tax from regular slips.
  • Made it so submission strength has an effect on the size of the wedges.
    • This should result in more dangerous submissions from advanced positions, even when the attacker doesn’t have a sizable stamina advantage.
  • Added scrambles to tower takedowns.
    • Tower Takedowns can now be scrambled by the defender, resulting in a roll to immediately get up. This solves a previous issue where some of these takedowns ended up being too hard to defend because they had to be denied early/could not be denied late (scrambled).
  • Practice Mode – Sustained sways can now be recorded with strike recording.
  • Practice Mode – Stopped training partner in strike recording from denying transitions and submissions.
  • Practice Mode – Added more grappling starting positions.
  • Practice Mode – Added option to start in the clinch or catch kick states.
  • Practice Mode – Add new HUD displaying the number of recordings in strike recording mode.
  • Added new custom Fighter AIs and made them available in Custom Fight Now.
  • Addressed various animation issues with transitions.
  • Added scramble to thai clinch circling trips.
  • Fixed inconsistencies with defender’s stamina drain from scrambles.
  • Tuned submission offense attribute effectiveness.
  • Tuned stamina cost for ground and pound.
  • Tuned AI clinch behavior.
  • Tuned AI catch kick behavior.
  • Fixed rare instances of undue stance switches when exiting the clinch.
  • Fixed an issue where single leg takedowns during an uppercut ended in back clinch.
  • Fixed an issue with the grapple hud remaining on screen.
  • Updated movesets for various fighters.
    • Alexander Volkov
      • Back Uppercut Level 2 to Level 4
      • Back Front Kick Level 3 to Level 4
    • Anderson Silva
      • Added Lead Side Kick Body Level 2
    • Anthony Pettis
      • Lead Roundhouse Level 2 to Level 4
      • Lead Roundhouse Body Level 2 to Level 3
    • Bobby Green
      • Back Front Kick Body Level 2 to Level 3
      • Added Lead Side Kick to Leg Level 3
    • Damian Maia
      • Leg Locks Level 1 to Level 3
    • Rafael Dos Anjos
      • Boxing Combos Level 2 to Level 3
      • Back Hook Level 2 to Level 3
      • Back Hook Body Level 2 to Level 3
      • Lead Overhand Level 2 to Level 3
      • Added Leg Locks Level 3
    • Stefan Struve
      • Added Lead Side Kick Body Level 2
    • Tom Breese
      • Single Leg Level 1 to Level 2
      • Added Lead and Back Elbow Level 2
    • Uriah Hall
      • Lead Leg Kick Level 2 to Level 3
      • Lead Roundhouse Level 2 to Level 3
      • Back Spinning Heel Kick Level 4 to Level 5
      • Lead Hook Level 2 to Level 4
      • Added Lead Overhand Level 2
    • Evan Dunham 
      • Clinch issue fixed. All Moves Updated
    • Edman Shahbazyan
      • Added Back Front Kick Level 2
  • Fixed inconsistency with major back lunge, depending on which stick was used to perform it.
  • Allowed blocking during minor back lunges.
  • Fixed a bad grappling exchange from mount. 
  • Improved side slips by applying loss of opponent’s tracking when walking and slipping to the same side, to the outside of strikes (except jabs).
    • Side slips when walking to the same side will now behave similar to major side lunges, in that they will now make the opponent completely lose track of you and force them to pivot before they can strike you again. However, as the motion required to perform a walking side slip is smaller, we’ve made the conditions for the loss of tracking more strict.


Source: EA

Written by: Carizma

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