Wasteland 3 Update 1.21 – Going The Distance Patch Notes 1.5.0

Wasteland 3 Update 1.21 – Going The Distance Patch Notes 1.5.0

inXile Entertainment released update 1.5.0 (Going The Distance) for Wasteland 3 today. We have all the information about this update on September 1st.

The Wasteland 3 Update 1.21 (1.5.0) is now available for all platforms. The update is now also available for consoles, on the PS4 the file size is 7GB.


Wasteland 3 Patch Notes 1.21 / 1.5.0


  • Players are now able to leave the endgame area and head back out into the world to experience The Battle of Steeltown and Cult of the Holy Detonation content as they damn well please. Additionally, players with one of the expansions (or both) will also have access to a specific squad management option available to them within the endgame area.

  • Note: These options are only available to games that have access to The Battle of Steeltown or Cult of the Holy Detonation expansions.

  • Say goodbye to blindly crafting items and guessing at what they might be good for—the crafting interface now shows detailed information and stats for what will be crafted. We truly live in the future.

  • We now display how long it’s been since you last saved your game next to the Quicksave menu button. Not displayed is whether you’re save scumming to try to force a specific outcome. But we know. We all know.

  • Do we smell bacon? Hot Hogs will no longer immediately charge you the same turn their fuses have been lit, allowing you to respond to them more effectively. They will also properly switch their hostility to Hostile/Red, making it easier to shoot them or tame them. Time to go H.A.M. on your enemies; which stands for Hogs Attacking Murderclowns.

  • Numerous co-op quality of life improvements have been implemented in this patch, and are noted in detail below.



  • Peer-to-peer communication between co-op game clients has been optimized, which should result in fewer soft-locks and desyncs between players in cooperative mode.

  • Note: As Wasteland 3 is a peer-to-peer game, the individual network configuration and performance of the host and client still play a huge role in starting and sustaining a stable connection.

  • [GOG] Co-op sessions can now be started through the GOG Galaxy client.

  • The connection strength indicator, which is displayed in the multiplayer lobby, will now more accurately display the signal strength between players. Strong signal, good. Weak signal, bad.

  • Your co-op partner’s selected grid square is now displayed during combat, while browsing the squad inventory together, and while perusing merchant wares. Our goal here is to create a strong, psychic bond between co-op players. Soon you will become a single being of light, operating as an enhanced quantum emergent structure of consciousness. Don’t fight it.

  • You are now able to select your friend’s Rangers in the inventory screen to see what the hell they have equipped. No more having to ask what that weird thing with the green squiggles is on their head. Now you’ll just know, and of course, knowing is half the battle. The other half is probably telling them they’re playing wrong.

  • When you’re in a conversation with a skill check that you cannot pass without your partner present, the skill check will properly update as soon as your friend joins the conversation.

  • “Game-exit flow” & messaging improvements have been implemented. Just keep reading.

  • When a player opts to go back to the main menu or quit to desktop while in a co-op session, they’re now met with a prompt informing them that the action will disconnect both players. You’ll also be informed whether progress is able to be saved at that point or not.

  • If the session end is at a point where saving *is* allowed, progress will be auto-saved using the multiplayer auto-save slot. This save will be provided to both players. If saving at that point is *not* allowed, then no new save is created.

  • Conversely, the player who did not quit the game will now also see a prompt informing them why the game ended, in lieu of receiving a generic “Game Disconnected” error message. This messaging will likewise indicate whether progress was able to be auto-saved. Unfortunately, it will not include an evaluation of the health of the friendship, and whether the session was ended in anger or on amicable terms. You might want to shoot them a quick message like, “we cool?”

  • Resolved an issue where the host would be unable to use the Kodiak after the guest player revived them with a Nitro Spike.

  • Resolved an issue where merchant and inventory selections could get stuck for both players.

  • The “Join Shopping” prompt will now properly appear when a player hovers their mouse cursor over the merchant that the other player is trading with.

  • Resolved an issue that could result in infinite enemy/friendly turns occurring during specific combat scenarios.

  • Resolved an issue that could break the host’s camera view while they were using Precision Strike.

  • Resolved an issue where the selection in the appearance customization would reset for one player if the other was also making changes to their appearance customization at the same time.

  • Both players will now be properly pulled into combat with the Refugee Smugglers outside of The Bizarre.

  • id=”viewer-2udo3″>

    Resolved an issue preventing players from sometimes joining conversations.

  • id=”viewer-aqm37″>

    Fade in/out for cutscenes should now for real only happen while viewing cutscenes.

  • id=”viewer-5if1v”>

    Resolved an issue where armor coloration could be incorrectly displayed after a saved game was loaded.

  • id=”viewer-3404t”>

    Disabling the Difficult Skill Check option in the Multiplayer Lobby will properly disable it every time.

  • id=”viewer-bl1kb”>

    Resolved an issue that could result in an infinite loading screen when players attempted to start a co-op session via Steam.

  • id=”viewer-d6prg”>

    [Consoles] Resolved an issue that could trigger a softlock during the transition to the Garden of the Gods map.

  • id=”viewer-e9grb”>

    [Controller] Resolved a display issue that could prevent players using a controller from being able to host a game session.

  • id=”viewer-6oe3q”>

    [Steeltown] Resolved an issue where co-op players could “kill” Crow’s hologram by bypassing the opening cutscene on the Factory Level. We use quotes liberally here since “killing a hologram” seems like a good thing to use quotes for.

  • id=”viewer-a1rdm”>

    [Steeltown] Resolved an issue where players were sometimes unable to move their characters after Blue’s arrest.

  • id=”viewer-f2tlc”>

    [Steeltown] Fixed a bug allowing a co-op guest’s character to travel through radiation without taking damage after a host used an injury kit on the affected squad member.

  • id=”viewer-ofdk”>

    [Steeltown] Resolved an issue where only one co-op squad could be healed by Doctor Breeler after the Ghost Garage encounter.

  • id=”viewer-ah4en”>

    [Steeltown] Resolved an issue after Steeltown’s completion where only the guest was able to participate in the conversation with the Steeltown Refugee.



Dev Comment:

“This post-Steeltown DLC period was a great opportunity for us to take stock and act on some of the community’s feedback on character builds, as well as look at playtest data on which perks, quirks, abilities, and backgrounds were being used less than we’d like. Our hope for these changes is to inspire you to pick options you’ve never used before or see them in a new light, and generally beef up underpowered options.”


In the last patch, a number of the text descriptions for these balance changes accidentally went in. With this patch, the actual functionality changes will be active.

  • id=”viewer-ah85j”>


  • id=”viewer-26i1o”>

    Doomsday Prepper – Increased Status Effect Resistance to +33% (previously +25%), added a +15 CON Bonus.

  • id=”viewer-c0qaj”>

    Two-Pump-Chump – Removed the -15% Hit Chance Penalty.

  • id=”viewer-6pptf”>

    Varangian Blood – Changed the -4AP penalty to -20% Evasion for 2 turns.

  • id=”viewer-1uppp”>

    Lone Wolf – Increased Initiative to +30% (previously +20%), added +15% Healing Rate.

  • id=”viewer-8cju5″>

    Circus Freak – Removed -10% Evasion because clowns suffer enough, but doubled the detection time down to -2.00 (previously -1.00) because bright neon colors do NOT make for good camouflage.

  • id=”viewer-6ldg2″>


  • id=”viewer-6435a”>

    Bloodsport (Melee Lvl 6 Perk) – Increased the number of debuff enemy types to Shocked, Bleeding, and Poisoned enemies (in addition to the original Stunned and Blind enemies).

  • id=”viewer-d8bar”>

    Conductive Beams (Weird Science Lvl 9 Perk) – Increased the chance to activate Electrocute to +20% (previously +10%).

  • id=”viewer-2elrj”>

    Pressure Cooker (Big Guns Lvl 7 Perk) – Pressure Cooker is now a lvl 6 Perk (previously lvl 7).

  • id=”viewer-csuma”>

    Close Call (Sneaky Shit Lvl 7 Perk) – Increased the malfunction chance to 66%, this perk affects all squad members.

  • id=”viewer-4gqb7″>

    Breakfast Bandit (Toaster Repair Lvl 5 Perk) – Added the description of the Toast healing item to the perk; Toast is delicious!

  • id=”viewer-2bq5r”>

    Shrug It Off (Melee Combat Lvl 10 Perk) – Increased Armor gained for every adjacent enemy to +5 (previously +2 Armor), added +10% Status Effect Resistance for every adjacent enemy.

  • id=”viewer-9m1gu”>

    Minesweeper (Explosives Lvl 4 Perk) – Added +1 Perception bonus.

  • id=”viewer-79p86″>

    Fortify (Mechanics Lvl 7 Perk) – Increased the amount of armor gained to +7 for friendly vehicles, robots, and deployables (previously +5 Armor).

  • id=”viewer-8un”>

    Toasty (Toaster Repair Lvl 10 Perk) – Your first attack every turn will inflict Burning (previously the first attack after killing an enemy inflicted Burning).

  • id=”viewer-3bojq”>

    Tender Loving Care (Armor Mod Lvl 10 Perk) – Increased Armor gained to all squad members to +8 Armor (previously +5 Armor).

  • id=”viewer-4u5f0″>

    Reinforced Plating (Mechanics Lvl 5 Perk) – Increased the amount of CON gained to +33% on repaired Vehicles and Robots (previously +25% CON).

  • id=”viewer-5a2k2″>


  • id=”viewer-65n2p”>

    Grease Monkey – Increased Damage to Robots and Vehicles to +15% (previously +10%).

  • id=”viewer-64kf3″>

    Paladin – Increased Crit Resistance to (edit) +15% (previously +10%).

  • id=”viewer-5dkjg”>

    Stoner – Increased Status Effect Resistance to +15% (previously +10%).



  • id=”viewer-ds7s4″>

    Rangers who may leave your squad at the end of the game will now drop their loot for you to pick up.

  • id=”viewer-c51c2″>

    Note: Gear dropped by these characters that was previously modded will drop as un-modded. This is an issue that our Dev team is aware of.

  • id=”viewer-51sdt”>

    Resolved an issue that was allowing certain abilities such as Rally and Demoralize to apply status effects from an active weapon.

  • id=”viewer-d4tnb”>

    Abilities that dealt a percentage of your equipped weapon’s damage should now deal the correct amount of damage again.

  • id=”viewer-3brr8″>

    Loading an autosave that was made after starting a fight with a Scorpitron on the world map will no longer make the encounter disappear.

  • id=”viewer-e47s6″>

    Deployables that are spawned far from combat will now be destroyed after combat ends, resolving an issue where a combat encounter could seem to have no way to end it.

  • id=”viewer-em07q”>

    We resolved an issue that allowed players to duplicate scope mods. We see you. Through non-duped scope mods.

  • id=”viewer-fahev”>

    Those damned elves will no longer softlock the game if they’re freed during the Elf on a Shelf quest. You know what though? Don’t free them. Blow them up. They cause too many problems.

  • id=”viewer-6rire”>

    We’ve hacked the hacked robots so that they will no longer be targeted by a player’s ambushes.

  • id=”viewer-1jj3″>

    Combat speed penalties for weapons you lacked the skill to wield, are now correctly applied to those weapons.

  • id=”viewer-5fc7o”>

    Benjie Braddock now appropriately rewards the player, if helped.

  • id=”viewer-cl77j”>

    As intended, it is now possible to use the Suture and Injury Kits to save Georgia Overdrive or Shotgun.

  • id=”viewer-e3kk7″>

    We fixed a specific tripmine that was not able to be disarmed in Yuma County Speedway. Trippy Tripmine, Trips are for kids.

  • id=”viewer-4g7re”>

    Resolved an issue where the Patriarch would incorrectly state that Cordite had been freed even if you did not free Cordite.

  • id=”viewer-80q2i”>

    Strength will now correctly apply a range bonus to all throwable items (including snowballs).

  • id=”viewer-7k7ih”>

    Resolved issues with the components required to craft Extended Mag and Rubber Grip mods, allowing them to now be crafted correctly.

  • id=”viewer-da6cm”>

    Fixed some edge cases that could cause experience points to not be granted to the squad for every enemy death in the combat, such as kills by friendly units or status effects applied by the enemy.

  • id=”viewer-cvrh0″>

    The Sonic Emitter can now be used out of combat so you can emit… sonics (???) whenever you want.

  • id=”viewer-1hski”>

    Resolved an issue that was resulting in new characters having their starting weapon field marked as complete during character creation, before their weapon was selected.

  • id=”viewer-2v1m1″>

    [Consoles] Resolved an issue that was preventing players from sometimes creating custom Rangers at the start of a new game.

  • id=”viewer-25ahg”>

    [Controller] Resolved an issue that allowed players to sometimes attack multiple times in one action by repeatedly pressing the attack button. By the way, remember the NES Max controller with that sweet turbo button? Stubin’s Farm remembers.

  • id=”viewer-4uuo0″>

    [Controller] Resolved an issue that was preventing players from being able to select status effects in the inventory.

  • id=”viewer-13els”>

    [Steeltown] We resolved the issue where DI would sometimes go missing and would not rejoin the player’s squad as a companion. The faint scent of cheese curds may be detected on her breath…

  • id=”viewer-b1ouf”>

    [Steeltown] We replaced a Guard-Bot to its appropriate station for certain Markham outcomes.

  • id=”viewer-3rn6l”>

    [Steeltown] There is now additional dialog with Serena Ash when a player speaks with Luna Moon first.

  • id=”viewer-7kulh”>

    [Steeltown] DI’s conversation is now correctly triggered when Markham asks about the Synaptic Degausser.


UI & Controls

  • id=”viewer-9kkh2″>

    Squad Management Screen updates!

  • id=”viewer-b9do9″>

    The Squad Management screen will now display skulls atop incapacitated squad member portraits, and EKG lines on portraits of Rangers that are downed.

  • id=”viewer-cphud”>

    There’s now an alert reminder within the management screen that the squad can only be modified back at Ranger HQ.

  • id=”viewer-1c9um”>

    The number of skill points each new recruit has available is now displayed beneath their portrait within the squad management catalog at Ranger HQ.

  • id=”viewer-8rvh5″>

    The Mission Log now defaults to open, making the details displayed there quicker and easier to read.

  • id=”viewer-ftvnu”>

    We now warn you when you’re about to leave a World Map merchant interface. Once it’s closed, it’s closed for good, so we want to be upfront with you about that.

  • id=”viewer-97i1p”>

    The game will now automatically close the menu after saving your game, letting you get back to the action quicker.

  • id=”viewer-cq5kv”>

    When targeting robots and animals, the user interface will now indicate whether you meet the requirement or not for hacking and taming. Not indicated is whether the robot or animal will fill the void left by the retirement of the Mexican Pizza.

  • id=”viewer-34c6a”>

    Default stack sizes are now smarter when shopping.

  • id=”viewer-70qj1″>

    When selling, stack size defaults to 100% of the stack​.

  • id=”viewer-6nrju”>

    When buying, stack size defaults to 50% of the stack and/or does not exceed what you can afford.

  • id=”viewer-2nh34″>

    The interface now displays Hit Chance when you’re aiming your weapons at non-hostile NPCs.

  • id=”viewer-3qsli”>

    Players can now launch brightness calibration again from within the options menu.

  • id=”viewer-8q73c”>

    The inspection panel interface now lists the level of the enemies you’re hovering over.

  • id=”viewer-2nmbn”>

    We improved messaging within the UI when you’re attempting to equip an item that you don’t meet the requirements for. It’s the visual equivalent of a slide whistle making a sad ‘beeooooo’ sound.

  • id=”viewer-bdbl6″>

    The modding screen will now display a label indicating your highest-skilled character.

  • id=”viewer-bvpj2″>

    Fixed some localization errors for various languages.

  • id=”viewer-72n34″>

    Resolved an issue that was causing quick slot items to disappear after players transitioned across maps or loaded a saved game.

  • id=”viewer-rjo9″>

    [Controller] The AP bar now highlights a preview of spent action points during the radial menu selection; this matches the existing mouse and keyboard behavior.

  • id=”viewer-cva1h”>

    [Controller] As you hold the joystick when selecting a stack size within an inventory window, the selection rate will accelerate to make it less tedious.

  • id=”viewer-2mh1d”>

    [Controller] The gamepad selection cursor now sticks to patrolling enemies.



  • id=”viewer-3re74″>

    Everyone can once again have fun tonight, as we’ve made sure to return the song ‘Everybody Have Fun Tonight’ to the Cannibal Jamboree. We suspect the elves from Santa’s Village had something to do with its absence. BLOW. THEM. UP.

  • id=”viewer-1rrs”>

    We resolved an issue that was resulting in looped sound effects when the cloning sequence dialog was skipped. Another clear example of why cloning people is an affront to the natural order of things.


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