World War Z Update Version 1.12 Patch Notes – New Update Released

World War Z Update Version 1.12 Patch Notes – New Update Released

World War Z developers released a new update today, December 17th. Below you can find the complete patch notes.

World War Z Update 1.12 is now available for download. In total you have to download and install 16GB on the Playstation 4. Only 5.3 GB need to be downloaded on the PC.


World War Z Patch Notes 1.12


New Features

  • Added a new Game mode: Horde Mode.
  • Added new bomber special Zombie that will spawn in all modes and levels.
  • Added Special Operations Forces Skin Pack.
  • Activating certain mutators ion private lobby will result in reduced currency and XP rewards.



  • Fixed screamer not moving to attack players in some cases.
  • Bots will not attempt to finish off Spitter in melee if he is very far away from him.



  • Fixed issue’s with Hellraiser’s Technican Perk not increasing the maximum number of targets.
  • Fixed issue with Prestige perks reducing max ammo instead of increasing it.



  • Minor UI and localization fixes



  • Fixed serveral gameplay crashes


General fixes

  • Fixed issue with all ammo affecting mutators, that would result in giving players wrong amount of ammo.
  • Fixed issue with Flamethrower continuing to fire even if player swapped to a different weapon.
  • Fixed another issue with prestige levels not savong correctly in some cases.
  • Reduced volume of Sniper Rifle firing sound.
  • Adjusted hit marker sound, now it is more subtle and will be affected by SFX slider in audio settings.

Written by: Carizma

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